By Kevin Knight

The Journey

Odysseus at the beginning of the story is being talked about by the gods. Athena is trying to get Zeus to keep Odysseus safe. Then we flash to Telemachus trying to get the suitors out of his father's house (this is reoccurring through Odysseus's journeys). First we hear about Odysseus's men raiding Ismaros. He convinces them to leave before the get attacked. Then the go to the Land of the Lotus Eaters were the are almost trapped, but again Odysseus manages to get them to leave. Next, Odysseus goes to Polyphemos's cave and Odysseus's men say they should leave with the cheese and treasure now. Odysseus stays and they have to blind the Cyclops (Polyphemos) which angers Poseidon, so their travels by boat are challenging from now on. Then Odysseus goes past the Charybdis and goes to Scylla because he knows some men will die, but not all of them. Next, the go to the land of the Sun god and Odysseus warns his men not to kill and eat Helious's cattle, but they do so everyone but our hero Odysseus dies (Odysseus is saved by the Phoenicians and travels home to Ithica). He returns to his home disguised as an old man, thanks to Athena, and plots with his son, Telemachus, to kill the suitors for invading his home and trying to court his wife (who he finds out has been loyal to him this whole time). His wife, Penelope, gets a contest to where whomever can string a bow and shoot it between to axes can have her hand in marriage. All suitors fail, and just as Telemachus is about to do it Odysseus stops him and does it with ease. Then he shows that he is not an old man, but he is Odysseus and he, Telemachus, and his loyal servants kill the suitors. After that, Penelope test to make sure it is him by saying move their bed out the will sleep outside and he freaks out because u cannot move the bed because it is built on and is a tree and that is only something he would know.

Literary Elements and Themes

Homer, the author of the Odyssey, uses many things to help conway messages. He uses Epic Smilie, which is a long simile usually a paragraph or so to compare someone to something. Homer uses them to make a greater more vivid experience for the reader. For example when he describes the lit piece of club as, a blacksmith plunging an axe in to his fire.

Homer also uses Epithets, which are used to characterize the nature of a character, over and over again to repeat and try and get that characteristic to stick in your head. He will use some thing like, Odysseus conquer of men, to show that Odysseus is powerful.

There are many themes used in this book by Homer. He uses the theme marital fidelity to show the culture of Greece back then to show that the wife had to be loyal no matter what. This is very comparable to society today because the husband and wife, both, are supposed to remain faithful to the other no matter what.

Temptation is also a large theme in this story. Penelope is tempted by the suitors trying to court her younger than Odysseus kings and rulers. Odysseus is tempted by gifts and honor. He will risk his and his men's lives to try and get honor or see what gift he can get. In addition, Odysseus's men are tempted often by many things, mainly the cattle because Odysseus is not there to stop them and protect them from their temptation, they are also tempted by the Lotus flowers when they eat it wanting to stay and by staying to raid more of Ismaros. This can be compared to our time today because many people often fall to temptation. People can not control themselves much like Odysseus's men without someone around to make sure they do not do something wrong. When no one is around.

Main Characters

Other Points

Many things in the Odyssey are comparable to things in our life, marital fidelity, needing to be loyal to your spouse, and temptation, people need to resist temptation and be stronger in their willpower. Mainly, we need strong leadership. We need a leader like Odysseus. We need someone that will take care of us and lead us out of tough situations with peace of mind and calmness in the challenges that will present his people. We need someone still that will fight for his believes and our believes to make us a stronger community. This book has many hidden lessons about how daily life should be lived. the main thing I got is no matter how tough the challenges you always go back to the people you love.