Re-write of The Presents

By Rosie

1800's Version

The Stahlbaum children must of behaved exceptionally all year, because they have never before recieved such wonderful gifts at Christmas time. The tree was in the center of the room, which was decorated with blossoms, buds, silver and gold apples, sugared almonds, tapers and lots of different kids of sparkly little utensils, which were surrounded by little presents and trinkets for the children to enjoy.

The children were waiting anxiously to open their splendid presents. Fritz recieved a hobby horse, which he rode around on to his hearts content, then he dismounted it claiming that the beast was wild and would need some more breaking in. Then Fritz went away to solute his squadron of Hussars which were all dressed in magnificent outfits with doublets and swords.

The doorbell rang. Marie and Fritz knew it was Godfather Drosselmeier and immediatley ran to the door, and welcomed him in for he always gave the children winderful presents. This year he gave them a castle which was golden with shapely figures dancing around inside it.

"Let me go inside this castle Godfather". Said Fritz

"No! That's impossible." Said Godfather quite sternly.

Fritz went away to play with his toy soldiers. Godfather went to the children's parents and said, " Extrodinary presents like these are not ment for rude children"!

2000's Version

The kids must of been very good this year, because they haven't got this many presents in a long time. Their Christmas tree was in the middle of the room with lots of lollies and sweets with tinsle and bon bons piled on top of it.

The kids were waiting to open the presents, Fritz got a toy horse and Marie got a dress with sequins. "Ding Dong". The door bell rang and the children sprinted to the door and let Uncle Drosselmeier in. He gave them a lovely castle with lots of small dancers and a man dressed in green inside.

"Can I go in Uncle?" Asked Fritz

"Absolutley not!" Yelled Uncle

Fritz went away to play with his other toys and Uncle went to his parents and told them about the argument.

"You kids need more RESPECT for expensive presents!" Shouted Uncle