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Welcome To Kindergarten!!!


I have had the privledge to teach at Richardson all seven years of my career. This is my third year in kindergarten, however I have also taught second and fifth grade. I love being a teacher, it is truly my calling, however being a kindergarten teacher is icing on the "cup-cake!" I have an amazing family, including my husband Jim, step-daughter Hailey, and 3 little ones; James, Lilly, and Dexter. I earned my bachelors in both early childhood and elementary education through the University of Central Missouri and my MAEd in curriculum and instruction through Baker University! I love the colors pink and purple, going on walks with my family, and if I had a choice, vacationing in the mountains versus sweating on the beach. Most importantly though I love kids and I love school!!!
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My Belief!

James starts kindergarten this year so I can emphasize with those of you who are having a hard time accepting this difficult but wonderful milestone of kindergarten in your child's life. However, I believe...School is a blessing in so many ways, children get to experience so many new things and then share them with you at the end of both your days! Yes they are getting bigger but each year holds something new to be excited about. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. You will enjoy the time you have together that much more. Be as positive about it as you can, maybe even put a quick note in his/her lunch each day telling your little one how much you love and are thinking of him/her.

Meet The Thompsons!

Reading, Writing & Arithmatic (What are we doing in "K"?)

Week of Sunday 5/14

Day 1 - Art

Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - PE


5/12 Friday - Day 3 Wear Tennis Shoes

Monday - Day 1

Tuesday - Day 2

Wednesday -Day 3 Wear Tennis Shoes

Thursday - Day 1


Sight words:

4th Quarter


**All words have been introduced

**Testing ENDS Friday May 12

that, they, our, what, new

this, soon, eat, saw, want

say, who, ate, there, too

now, pretty, please, under, went

so, must, ride, came, well

3rd Quarter


good, funny, make, have

one, two, three, four

get, away, find, help

ran, run, out, but

big, jump, with

play, where, be, into

come, here, big, little

new, what (4th quarter words)

2nd Quarter


my, in, are, said, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown

he, up, no, me, not, yes, has, she, on, and, will, was

down, do, all

1st Quarter


I, can, a, go, see, like, to, am, look, at, you, is, we, the, it


I can determine importance

*Naming character(s) setting, events after reading (need for retelling)

*Sharing important information learned from non-fiction text


I can identify informational writing/text

*Classroom language - Writing/text that contains facts (always true)...a writing/text that informs me and helps me learn more

I can create informational text

*Writing information we have learned and putting it into our own words


I can identify numbers 0-31 (out of order)

I can write numbers 0-31 (in order) (no reversals ex. 12 not 21...31 not 13

Fact Fluency - rest of the year

- I can add and subtract within 5 fluently

*Our goal for both addition and subtraction is to know the answer to each problem in 3 seconds orally and 5 seconds when doing this on a written test.

*Our addition practice cards will go up to 10 but our fluency goal is only for problems within 5


I can identify how human behavior affects the world

Social Studies:

I can show appreciation

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Birthdays - See who we're celebrating with!!!


- Ashley - 10

- Mason - 12

- Brynn - 24


- Brayden - 13


- Brian - 19

- Aiden - 20

Important Events & Dates



15 - Please Return ALL "Listen to Me Read" envelopes/books and

"We Read Together" books so we can count inventory and use

next year - thanks!

16 Talent Show

18 - Chromebook check-in

19 Field Day

22 Last Day of School/Early Release Day

Home Extension - Always optional and one focus a day is BEST!

Fact Fluency Flash Cards

Number ID and and writing practice to 31

I can practice reading, writing and math over the summer so I will stay “sharp” for next year! Have a fantastic summer break and thank you for all of your support for a successful school year!

"Extra, Extra, Read All About It!"

This is our last blog update for the year :) :( :) :(

Celebrating Ms. Lyndsey

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts, notes, and pictures. She had no idea it was coming and it was so much fun to see how happy and thankful she was! She is definitely set for her first semester of college and even her first year classroom - if she can remember where she stores her goodies at that point ;)

Box Tops

WE DID IT - well YOU DID IT!!!! Thanks so much for contributing to our collection this year. We were the second place class again this semester BUT we were the overall FIRST PLACE class for the year with over 1000 box tops - woo hoo! We get to celebrate by finishing the year with the traveling trophy in our room and...wait for it...another popsicle party - oh yea! Thank you so much for your support - other kids said they could hear us cheering down the halls (I don't doubt it) ;)

Chromebook Check-In Thursday May 18th

Send your child with their Chromebook AND CHARGER to school on Thursday May 18th. Thanks so much in advance!

Field Day, Friday May 19th

Send your kiddo with:

- already applied sunscreen

- towel

- change of clothes (in a bag in backpack)

- water bottle WITH NAME on it

- sack lunch only if they chose it (see past email with names)

No more library!

Please start looking for any books that might have been misplaced t/o the year - they are all due back on Monday!

Mixed Emotions

Of course I'm ready to sleep in (yea right) and clean my house up (doubt it) and catch some rays by the pool (fingers crossed with 3 littles)...however, I am SERIOUSLY going to miss your little ones. This group of kiddos has been so loving, so smart, so funny, and so unique and I am going to be at a loss without them for quite some time next year. Please give them extra hugs for me this summer and tell them I'm always thinking about them - I also expect hugs in the fall :) You've heard it many times before but thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support this year - it's been AMAZING! I hope you all have a great summer and get some much needed time with your kiddos.

~Take Care~

Love Mrs. Thompson

Don't forget - check out our school website for important school information and/or to help you answer any questions you might need to know right away!

Standards Based Grading (SBG) Tidbits

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