Not just the left overs of a pig. But just as gross

What is Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email or messaging. They're the emails you hate about the things you'll never care about. While it may not be the most dangerous thing on the internet they are still annoying.

Spams cost and time

Spam may not kill your computer but it can waist bandwidth and messages. In 2009 90% of the emails in the world were spam. That is a major waist of bandwidth. However something even more costly than that is spam messages on your phone, If you have a messaging plan they can waist messages and if you don't they will cost you a pretty penny. Let's face it spam takes time. Whether its putting up spam filter, making a email just for spam or just deleting the useless emails.

Warnings and prevention

Spam can have fraud and viruses with them. however there is a way to prevent them. when you sign up for thing use a different email. Another great way to keep spam away is a spam folder. These things may take more time but it is worth it.