Giving Laos their Education

Changing the Literacy Rate from 72.7% to 100%

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Who, What, When, Where, Why: Laos

Laos is an isolated country in the Indochina Peninsula. It has a strong economy based on private marketing in the main field of electricity, but this money goes to the government. The government is not creating a better education for the children who have to go to school in abhorrent conditions, and can still be expected to learn as much as someone who lives in America does. To solve this problem, I propose a book charity.

Literacy in Laos

Laos looks like a key, yet it does not hold the key to the future with is 72.7% literacy rate average, with 82.5% of boys, and only 63.2% of girls. The child labor percentage is at an all time high: 11%. Children are more focused on getting food, rather than getting the surreal world that books give us. Books are something we take for granted, so we should give them to the kids in need at Laos.

Don't let them fall...

Laos is already plagued with poverty, drugs, disease, and violence. We cannot let their new generation be susceptible to the abhorrent conditions that their parents have to live through. Give them the right to education that we go through today.

What if all those questions were answered?

We are not aiming to end illiteracy, though, if all of the world poverty was literate, then an estimated of 118 million people could be saved from poverty. Laos really needs those literate people to come and lead the future generations into a bright future for Laos. We are not asking to end poverty, but to start a new life for the Laotians stuck in their schoolhouses with no books.

How can I help?

Give a book, any book, to donate to us. Then we will make use of it and ship it to Laos, so that children of all ages can go through the marvelous adventure we go through every day. These books will go to provinces such as Savannakhet and Luang Prabang, where poverty and gender inequality will happen.

Why this will work

This is a very simple idea. Just donate any book that you are not reading, such as any fairy tale book. It only takes a very little amount of time, and we do not ask for much, just a fairly new book at the back of your closet.


Donate books that will be shipped out to Laos so that children in poverty can read.
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Start Now!

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