Boyd In Person Learners

Information for In Person Learners

This newsletter is intended to provide information for our IN PERSON Learners.

Update Skyward Information

Please make sure that you have updated contact information in Skyward.

School Hours

School Hours for Students - 7:45 AM - 2:55 PM

  • Building will Open for Students at 7:30
  • Breakfast Served 7:30-7:45

School Office Hours - 7:30-4:00

*Phone calls or emails will be returned within 24 hours within the work week.

What Do In-Person Students Need to Bring?

Students that will be In-Person, need to bring:
  • Chromebook - Students will take home and bring back to school each day their device (Chromebook).
  • Bookbox with books provided
  • Student ID cards & lanyards
  • school supplies in a Ziplock bag or pencil case
  • headphones or headbuds
  • 4th-6th Grades - Mask required
  • K-3rd Grades - Mask highly recommended
  • Waterbottle - drinking fountains will only be used to refill water bottles
  • Snack
  • Lunch, if not purchasing one at school

***Please label all items with your child's name.***

We know that it might be too heavy for some students to carry the box full of materials, it is OK to send back the materials in their backpacks a little at a time during the first week.

Student ID cards

All students have been issued a student ID card with a lanyard. They will wear these daily for checking out books, buying lunch, etc.


If you can, please drop off medicine for your child BEFORE starting school. Please contact Nurse Phillips at She can make specific arrangements with you for a time to drop-off.

Reminders from Nurse Phillips:

  • Please make sure that inhalers are in the original box with a prescription on them.
  • Any medication that has a prescription requires paperwork signed by the doctor and parent.

Specials, Lunch, and Recess


  • Students will attend their special classes like normal.
  • In music, students will be required to wear a mask while singing.
  • In art, they will bring their personal supplies with them to use or will be provided supplies in class that will be cleaned between groups.


  • At this time we will not be able to fit all of our in-person learners in the cafeteria for lunch. However, this could change at any time depending on numbers of kids participating with in-person learning. Some students will eat in their classrooms and others will eat in the cafeteria. In the cafeteria, students will be spaced 6 feet apart whenever possible.
  • There will not be any lunch visitors permitted at this time.
  • Students will be asked to scan their student ID to purchase lunch. If a student forgets their ID, they will need to go to the end of the line. This process is done because it greatly delays the lunch line when students forget their lunch numbers or need support in finding their number on the list. Lunch monitors are able to help the end of the line with finding their lunch numbers once most students have been settled at their lunch tables. If a student has lost their ID, the teacher will place a request for a new ID.


  • Classes will not be able to "mix" with other cohorts at recess.
  • We have 3-4 different "stations" that our classes will be able to access for recess. Each team will decide where they are going for each day of the week.
  • We have also purchased additional recess bags with balls, jump ropes, etc that students will be able to use during recess time.
  • The high touch areas of the playground equipment will be sanitized between class usage.
  • No extra items from home should be brought for recess.
  • Students do not have to wear masks outdoors during recess if they are maintaining distance from each other.

Arrival/Dismissal for In Person Learners

All students will enter/exit the building through the North east door of the school closest to Bethany. There are separate entry doors based on grades. This will allow for social distancing in the halls and entry doors. We will also have additional staff available in the K-1st grade doors to support students getting to class or to your cars. Please make sure that your child knows their teacher's name.

  • K-1st Door #14 (by front office)
  • 2nd-3rd Door #13 (by gym area)
  • 4th-6th Door #11 (by the playground fence)

Morning Drop-off

  • We ask that all parents remain in cars and go through the car-line. Please do not park and walk students to the building. To reduce the spread of COVID, staff members will not be able to open car doors for students. Practice with students removing their seatbelts or getting out of car seats prior to Sept. 2.
  • The front of the school is for AISD busses and daycare bus entry only. All students arriving by bus will enter through the outside cafeteria door.
  • All students eating breakfast will proceed to the Grab & Go Stations. Breakfast is served from 7:30 – 7:45. It will be a Grab & Go breakfast bag. All students arriving, but not eating breakfast, will proceed to their classes.

Afternoon Pick-up

  • We ask that all parents use the carline unless they do not have a vehicle to do so and need to walk-up to the building.
  • Please have the car tag clearly displayed when picking-up your student. On the first day of school, you will not have your car tag yet, please use a typed or handwritten paper with your child's grade level and name clearly displayed on your window. (Example: 1st Grade Tammy Jones, 2nd Grade Elaine Jones)
  • Please do not park and walk up to the building to pick-up your child. We have been informed by the parking center manager that parents who park across the street in the shopping center may have their cars towed.
  • To reduce mixing cohorts of students, they will be waiting in their classrooms until their car tag number is called. We will get students to you as soon as possible. Please be patient as both students and staff are implementing new dismissal procedures.
  • If your student walks home, they will be released to walk on their own at the end of the day.

Please review the MAP for arrival and dismissal.

Video of Kinder student using the car-line and entering the building.

Big picture

Example of cartag for the first day or if you have lost your cartag.

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Bus Transportation

All bus information including bus number, bus stop locations, and times can be found on the district website by entering your home address under the “Find Your Bus” section

Healthy and Safety

  • Assigned seating
  • Students will use hand sanitizer when boarding the bus
  • Face covering is required for staff and ALL students.

Student Birthdays

As much as we want to help you celebrate your child’s birthday, at this time we are not allowed to have students bring anything in from home to pass out to the class. This includes food items, pencils, bookmarks, etc…

Staff will not be able to accept any food, flower or gift deliveries until further notice as well.

No Visitors, Volunteers or Deliveries

We will not have any volunteers or visitors entering the building.

To reduce exposure to our front office staff, we will not have any deliveries from parents made during the school day.

  • If your student forgets their lunch, they will need to purchase a school lunch from the cafeteria.
  • If your student forgets their homework, parents can email teachers but will not be able to bring it to school.
  • If your student forgets their device, another device will be provided that day.
  • There will not be any birthday deliveries for students this year.
  • There are some items that are essential to a student's health or learning. For example, medicine or glasses can be delivered to the building.

Daily Self-assessment

Each day parents are asked to assess their students prior to sending them to school. The self-screening consists of parents answering questions regarding exposure to and symptoms of COVID-19.

Students should not be sent to school if;

  • they have been in close contact with any person with a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 10 days (CDC updated from 14 to 10 days)
  • they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 until released by the doctor, or
  • they exhibit any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Students that have had close contact, been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are exhibiting any of the symptoms will need to communicate with Nurse Phillips at 972-727-0560.
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Face Covering

AISD will follow the most recent guidelines/Executive Orders on face coverings from state and local government and from state and local health authorities. This update is based on Governor Abbott’s executive order for Texas on July 2, 2020. Governor Greg Abbott, Executive Order July 2, 2020

Face coverings are encouraged and recommended for students 9 years and under especially in hallways, common areas, and when six feet of distancing cannot be maintained. For the safety of other students and our staff, we ask that you consider this when making a decision about your children that are 9 years and under. It will take practice to wear a mask for our younger students. If you decide to have them wear a mask, please have them practice at home before school begins.

The school will provide a reusable mask for all students in the building. It will go home with your child on the first day in the building. Please remember that any reusable mask should be washed each night.

Face coverings are required for staff and students 10 years old and above

  • Exceptions will be made for adults and students with medical conditions or disabilities that limits their use of face covering. Please email the Principals, Judith Coffman, if your student has a medical condition or disability that the doctor has determined wearing a mask would create a risk.
  • Parents will need to provide a face covering or face mask. Face coverings may include a face mask, bandana or scarf. If a student comes to school without one, it will be provided for them. Please have students practice using a mask at home prior to coming to summer school.
  • Please keep in mind the student code of conduct as it pertains to any designs on the face covering. If the design on a mask is considered not appropriate or disruptive, the same rules applied for designs on a t-shirt will be used. The student will be asked to remove the mask and a new mask will be provided. Parents will be notified.
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Hand Washing

Please practice washing hands with your child before returning to school. Hand sanitizing and washing hands will be used at arrival, dismissal, and frequently throughout the day.

Individuals Exhibiting Symptoms

  • The nurse will assess students that exhibit symptoms while at school. Nurse Phillips will determine the next steps by following CDC health guidance and district protocols. The students will wait in an area with no other students and a face covering will be used while waiting for pick-up (students will wear their own face covering if available). Parents will be notified to pick-up their student by the nurse.
  • Nurse Phillips will be the point person for COVID-19 practices and concerns at Boyd. Her email is
  • If a staff member or student has a confirmed case of COVID-19, contract tracing will take place and the parents of students that had close contact will be notified. Decisions regarding the quarantine of students, class, or school closure will be made based on the level of exposure and in coordination with the district level nurse.
  • Anyone who is considered to have regular or close contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, must stay at home for 10 days.

Health & Safety Measures for In Person Learners

  • Each day, staff and students are asked to self-assess

  • Hand sanitizing and washing hands will be used at arrival, dismissal, and frequently throughout the day.

  • Teacher will review COVID-19 safety protocols with students (cough/sneeze etiquette, hand washing, sanitizing, not touching face, and social distancing).

  • When possible, student desks and seats at a table will be six feet apart and will be facing in the same direction. In some classes, space will not allow for six feet of distance because of the number of students in the class.

  • Student collaboration in small groups that requires closer contact will be limited and distancing practices followed.

  • Parents will not be able to enter the building or bring any deliveries (lunch or forgotten items).

  • Supply sharing will be limited and items will be cleaned between use.

  • Classroom and classroom supplies will be disinfected at the end of the day

  • High touch surface areas will be disinfected throughout the day and at the end of the day

  • During arrival and dismissal, students will maintain 6 feet of distance when waiting and hallways will be in one direction.

  • Students will only use one classroom and cohorts of students will not mix when possible.

  • Water fountains will only be used to fill water bottles.

  • Face coverings are required for staff and students 10 years old and above

  • Face coverings are encouraged and recommended for students 9 years and under especially in hallways, common areas, and when six feet of distancing cannot be maintained

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Attendance Information

7:30 - Boyd doors open for students

7:45 - Boyd School Day Begins

The side doors lock after 7:45 and all students arriving after this time must stop at the front desk for a Tardy Pass to their classroom.

If students are absent for illness, a signed and dated note from the parent, or the doctor’s office must be sent to the teacher upon return. Doctor’s/dentist's notes must also come with students that are late arriving at school due to appointments in order for the absence to be excused.

If you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact or Registrar, Gabby Villegas, or our Assistant Principal, Jenna Capps.

Good attendance habits will build great school success! Thank you for your help.

Boyd Elementary

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Asst. Principal: Wendy Williams

Office Staff

Secretary: Elaine Gamboa

Registration: Gabby Villegas

Receptionist: Ale Reyes

Nurse: Terry Phillips

Counselor: Patricia Chavez

CARE: Marisol Puterbaugh

Campus Intervention Specialist (CIS): Yessica Schessler

PTA President: April Cheney

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