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January 2016 updated

Library Calendar

January 11 Robotics practice 3-6 pm Room 40 to begin

January 12 Early Dismissal Library closed after school

January 13 Robotics practice 3-? no later than 6 pm

January 14 Library closed hrs 1-3 for Spelling bee. Library closed after school.

Spelling Bee 7:55 am in the library contestants, alternates, spectators

History Bee 3 - 3:45 pm Contestants only, no spectators For all students. Sign up with your social studies teacher or in the library by January 13th

January 16 League of Robotic Panthers competes in the Greater KC FLL Championship @ Union Station. This event is open to the public! Come cheer on your Panthers!

January 21 TAG during all lunches

January 25 Creative Writing Club library conference room

January 28 Broadcast Club picture 2 pm

Genius Hour kick off 3-5 pm library closed except for participants

January 29 Put up Your Feet & Read in the library (fundraiser) $3

February 4 Genius Hour 3-5 pm

February 5 Put up Your Feet & Read in the library (fundraiser) $3

February 9 conferences library closed after school

February 11 No school conferences

February 12 No school

February 15 No school

February 16 Creative Writing Club 3-4 pm Library conference room

February 18 TAG all lunches

Genius Hour 3-5 pm library closed except for participants

February 19 Put up Your Feet & Read in the library (fundraiser) $3

February 23 Early dismissal library closed after school

February 25 Genius Hour 3-5 pm library closed except for participants

February 29 Deadline for Entries to the Johnson County Libraries Bookmark Contest

Put up Your Feet & Read! Library fundraiser

The library will host Put up Your Feet & Read in the library 2 Fridays a month beginning January 29. Students will have the option of coming to the library for free read Fridays or during Guided Studies for 30 minutes of reading and relaxing in the library. The cost is $3 and students will receive hot chocolate and 2 donuts with their entry fee. Plus, every participating student will be entered into a raffle for lunch with a Kansas City celebrity in May. This fundraiser will support the purchase of additional books, magazines, and makerspace resources and replaces the Scholastic Book Fairs traditionally held. We hope to add in a few surprises and treats along the way! Thanks for your support of the library!


Shelfie is an Android and iOS app that can help you find audiobook and ebook versions of your favorite books. To use Shelfie simply take a picture of a book and the app will search for an ebook or audiobook version of a book. Some of the ebooks and audiobooks that the app locates are free and others require a purchase. The app also allows you to create a shelf of your books.

Johnson County Libraries

elementia: The Library’s award-winning literary arts magazine is accepting submissions from teen poets, artists and writers through February 1. The theme this year is all about passion and we have several prompts you can use to inspire poetry in your classroom around our theme and author/artist Lynda Barry (who will speak at elementia’s reception on April 28). We are also hosting a Cover Art Workshop on January 23rd at the Gardner Library. Please email if you have any questions about the magazine.

Creative Commons: If you know student writers who participated in NaNoWriMo, or are interested in gaining feedback for a new project, we have a new teen writers critique group at the Lackman Library. They meet the second Tuesday of the month beginning Tuesday, January 12 at 6:30. Details can be found on our website.

Bookmark Contest: In celebration of National Library Week our Friends of the Library is hosting a bookmark design contest. Winning designs from each age category are printed and distributed at all Johnson County Library locations. Please encourage your students to submit their work. Submissions are due Monday, February 29! P.S. There is an adult category! So don’t let your students have all the fun and submit your art too!

Creative Writing Club

Join us for this new club! During each club meeting, students will learn and practice creative writing skills which they can practice in a relaxed and social atmosphere. The club is both fun and informative and gives writers an opportunity to work on their craft and share their work with peers. Options for publishing work will be discussed. The kick-off for this club will be on Monday, January 25th and the club will meet twice a month on Tuesdays beginning in February. See library calendar each month for dates. Sign up onREMIND for text reminders.

Genius Hour/Makerspace

Beginning in late January the library will be offer "The Genius Hour" every Thursday from 3-5 pm. The Genius hour, inspired by Google's 20% time which offers time to its employees to work on a pet project...a project that their job description doesn't cover, is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time. Our Genius hour is a hybrid of sorts. It's two hours rather than one for starters. Students can stay some or all of the time. Our sessions will give students makerspace opportunities to pursue hands-on learning, exploration, and creativity. A makerspace is a place where students can come together to explore science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, reading, writing, or anything else that they find interesting. It is a place where students think outside of the box to develop new ideas and self-direct learning.

What it is not: It is not a place where someone is going to give a lecture, provide examples, and direct how to get from point A to B. Students are going to jump in and get messy, figuring things out and learning as they go. Genius hour is a privilege and, with privilege, there is responsibility. I want genius hour to be a fun time, but if I have to warn a student more than twice about behavior, being off task, or for a lack of appropriateness, then genius hour is over for that student for the day and the student will be asked to call home for a ride. Students must not interfere with the learning of other students. Students will keep learning logs to track their progress and their learning. With genius hour, failure is an acceptable result and the emphasis is in learning from failure. This allows student to push themselves and take risks.

National History Bee January 14th

Students may sign up in the library or with their social studies teacher. Students must sign up by January 13th.

The National History Bee is an exciting social studies competition for students who love learning, competing, and having fun! Participating students progress from the school level to the regional level and finally to the National Finals where one student is crowned the National History Bee Champion! Students who are interested in competing may participate by taking the online qualifying exam on January 14th from 3-4 pm in the library. Students in all grades may compete.

The Official Study Guide can be found here.

The Study Guide is broken into different chapters for different portions of history. Each chapter is broken into sections based on what happened in those sections of history and what are the most important “themes” of that time period.

Reading about these themes should allow you to think of history not just as a set of facts to memorize, but will give you a greater understanding of historical progress and the truly BIG concepts that tie those facts together.

Remember—while this Study Guide should get you started, there is so much more to history than what is in those ten pages. The Study Guide is a compass, pointing each National History Bee student in the right direction on their quest for history knowledge!

Practice exams can be found here.

A list of suggested internet resources can be accessed here. Good luck!

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Meryl Mayer, library paraprofessional 7am - 3pm

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