4th Grade Newsletter

August 29th - September 9th

Integrated Core

The next four weeks students will be learning about significant people and events that shaped Kansas and the other regions. Students will also be making connections between the text of a story and a visual of that same text.


Tomorrow students will be taking the Topic 3: Place Value test.

We then will start Topic 4: Addition and Subtraction of whole numbers.

4.1 Use Mental Math to Add and Subtract

4.2 Estimating Sums and Differences of Whole Numbers

4.3 Adding Whole Numbers

4.4 Subtracting Whole Numbers

4.5 Subtracting Across Zeros

4.6 Problem Solving

Upcoming Dates

August 31st - Reading MAP

August 31st - All School Photo

September 2nd - Math MAP

September 5th - NO SCHOOL

September 14th- Picture Day

September 27th & 28th - Parent Teacher Conferences