T4L News

Issue 2 - June 2013

Back by popular demand!

Hello again. We're back with our second issue of T4L News. Thanks for taking time out to read our very first edition four weeks ago and for sending us your feedback. The number of hits for T4L News was resounding. We hope you find Issue 2 just as informative and useful as Issue 1. Again, we welcome any suggestions or questions you may have.

Project updates

New T4L Program Manager

Rochelle Bennett has joined the T4L team as the new Program Manager. Reporting directly to Dianne Marshall, Rochelle will work closely with the T4L and infrastructure teams to oversee all projects. She will also pay particular attention to technical and resourcing details.

In conjunction with Rochelle's appointment, Jo-Ann Pass will spend part of her time working alongside Dianne and Rochelle to examine the technology impacts on the T4L, DER, LMBR and DCR initiatives as well as to find solutions that will benefit the Department.

eT4L Primary Schools

Ninety six percent of primary schools have now been migrated to the eT4L environment. This represents 1688 primary schools and the rebuilding of more than 142,000 devices with the eT4L imaging.

A number of schools that were migrated in 2011/12 are currently in the process of receiving an updated file structure and file permissions. Thirty percent of these have now been completed.

In Term 3, a new service will be on trial and made available to allow for a single sign-on experience. When logging on, staff and students will only need to enter their username and password once. The pilot for the single sign-on solution is underway.

Next month, the project team is aiming for 97 percent of schools to have migrated to eT4L. The team will also begin preparing for a BAU handover and a review of the lessons learned.

LAN Remediation - Primary Schools

More than 1100 primary schools have been assessed as part of Phase 2. Total submissions to date are at 1677. This includes the pilot, Phase 1 and Phase 2. There are approximately 160 schools left to assess as part of this phase.

Some 400 schools will undergo cabling works for Phase 2 by 30 June 2013. Approximately 250 schools will be revisited as part of a retrofit to ensure all primary schools are assessed and in line with the scope of Phase 2.

More than 6000 pieces of hardware have been or currently scheduled to be installed, including switches, modules and patch lead cables. More than 30 vendors have been involved to date with the delivery of the project.

It's expected that by the end of this year all primary schools in NSW will be networked to DEC or industry standards with all learning spaces connected.

eT4L Secondary Schools

The eT4L secondary schools project consists of two main initiatives - the surveying and remediation of a school's network and the installation of an eT4L server and services.

In the last month, the project team has been working with stakeholders to finalise the development of the LAN remediation scope for the secondary schools. A pilot will be undertaken at 10 schools from 8 to 12 July.

The eT4L secondary servers have been purchased and technical teams are currently building the solution, which is expected to be piloted at schools in Term 4.

In addition, schools wishing to take advantage of the eT4L services will need to opt-in. It's hoped that the opt-in process will commence in early Term 3 this year.

Software Catalogue

Last month, a review of the scope for Phase 1 of the Software Catalogue was completed. A workshop for Phase 1 was held to re-plan activity based on technical delivery issues and resource contraints. Requirements for Phase 2 are being determined and a high level scope has been defined.

Library Management Solution

The evaluation process of the tender submissions for the new library management system will be completed next month. Following this, negotiations will be undertaken with the preferred vendor. Next month will also see planning begin for Stage 1 rollout.

ITD Website

A number of milestones have been reached in the development of the new ITD website. Some of the initiatives included:

  • Creation of a visual identity;
  • Branding creation;
  • Putting together a shortlist for a potential Project Manager;
  • Interaction model completed; and
  • A website requirements workshop conducted.

T4L Training and Support

The T4L Training and Supprt team has developed new FAQs on eT4L for primary schools as well as teacher support materials. The team has also started to develop training and support resources for the eT4L secondary schools project.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The T4L Training and Support team is continuing to develop support tools and resources for BYOD. Final policy consultations have been completed and it is anticipated that the BYOD policy, guideline and student agreement for schools will be released in Term 3.

Google Apps

The Google Apps rollout is back on schedule and expected to be ready for release to all students, school and coporate staff by the end of Term 3.

T4L Computer Equipment Rollout

The reins of the T4L Computer Equipment Rollout program have been handed over to the new Project Manager, Andrew Gowans. Andrew now has responsibility for the 2013-14 rollout.