The Fillings Deep Inside



My eyes are like the blue sky on a summer day

My hair is dark like a deer's soft fur

My smile is like beautiful like a field white flowers on a soft summer night

My clothes are like a beautiful punishing soft cats cool fur

My singing is sweet like a pot of honey but strong like full grown tree

My poem is cool like a soft snowy day and filled with love like how a mother falls in love with its new born child

I am the sun setting across the deep blue sea

I am love, Joy, Happiness, I am me

Color Poem

Blue is the color of a sad tear coming from my eye

Blue is the big moon looking down on us

Blue smells like a sweet candle

Blue tastes like a sweet blueberry muffin

Blue sounds like a hard sea wave crashing on the shore

Blue looks like the never ending universe

Blue feels like a single blue cloud

Blue makes me happy but sad

Blue is a complexed color and can be interpreted in many ways


A bird in the sky

Oh flies so high on that sky night

Its on eagles wings


I love my dogs

My dogs are very fun

Exspeshily in the summer sun

Sometimes I get mad at them

Like when they are playing in the road

My dogs can do silly stuff too like eating my dad's fishing bait

Like swimming in a little puddle

My dogs are all I need

I love my dogs they are so sweet


One day I saw a banana

She said are you old Susanna

I said no I am shy anna

I am going to start my band named anna

And I am going to Susanna








Hot, Colorful

Burning, Crackling, Moving

It will bring heat to the world



I am the sun

Warming the earth

Shining down bright

Looking like a cloud of beauty and light

Making the day not the night

Seeing all who love my light

I am the sun


I started to eat a banana

When it yelled at me to stop!

I was starting to melt like lava

As I was humming my nerves hmm

To my shock, the banana started to dance

The banana sang want to meet my wife

Then I heard the clock call my name

And all of the tables and dishes started to sing

Thay sang and danced and even yelled

Oh boy what a mess I was in

So I kicked them all out

And I started to clean

Makes me think of

The sun makes me think of happiness

Happiness makes me think of smiles

Smiles make me think of love

love makes me think of fun

Fun makes me think of summer

Summer makes me think of swimming

Swimming makes me think of the sun

Rhyme scheme

Oh my

A fly

Oh look there it goes

Oh no its going up my nose

And then in my eye!