1936 Olympics


What is the 1936 olympics?

The 1936 Olympics was to make foreign spectators and journalists think that Germany was a peaceful place that everyone loved. They rejected a proposed boycott so they could make themselves look good. At the end of games the beating and killing of Jews and other enemies of Germany began to get worse.

How the people felt about the Olympics?

Hitler would not let anyone who was Jewish or part Jewish participate in the Olympics. The people thought this was unfair so they boycotted the Olympics. The United States, Great Britain, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands helped with the boycott. The boycott failed because the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) voted for participation in December the year before and the other countries fell in line.

After the Olympics

At the conclusion of the Olympics things got really bad. Anyone who had Jewish ancestors were also beaten. Three years after the Olympics the hospitable and peaceable sponsor of the Olympic games unleashed war. World war 2 had started.

Darion Bennett