Libraries are for everyone

Elementary News

With the implementation of the new literacy curriculum K-5, we have removed the Accelerated Reader (AR) program, which now allows students to choose from a much wider range of books to read in the library! We have brand new books ranging from Piggie and Gerald to choose your own adventure to new nonfiction books on trout and bees! We are so thrilled to see kids excited about reading! There are also a lot of creative technology integration projects coming at many grade levels. We can't wait to see what our imaginative students invent when they collaborate and incorporate new skills!

Middle School News

The Middle School Library and the Estes Valley Public Library will be partnering to do the "Reading is Lit" Book Club, which started last spring. It was such a success that we are bringing it back this year! Each grade will get an opportunity through out the year to participate, starting with 6th grade in a few weeks. Students who sign up get to vote on a book that they will read and discuss during lunch and advisory in the middle school library. This is an opportunity for students to get to know each other, remember that reading is fun, and receive a new book!

High School News

Libraries are about stories and information, not just books.This year we are adding games to the high school library! Did you know that mind games, brain teasers, card games, and video games are stories too? This fits our library mission to provide cultural, recreational, and entertaining materials, as well as informational and educational materials. Not only do games provide stories and information as they entertain and educate, but games meet teen development needs to encourage critical thinking and problem solving, enforce rules and boundaries in social interactions, encourage creative expression, reward competence and achievement and provide an opportunity for self-definition. We hope to build relationships in our library, encouraging our teens to see the library in a new light and for them to have a positive library experience.

A new partnership for learning

The Estes Park School District libraries are teaming with the Estes Valley Library to bring even more services to the students of the school district.

Starting this year, all students will be offered the opportunity to have a library card issued through the school district that will work at the public library. For elementary and middle school students who opted in, you will be able to use your school ID as your library card! We anticipate those cards to be active around the beginning of October. We'll send out a message when they go live!


Q: If my student already has a library card, why do I need another one?

A: Library cards issued through the school district will standardize the students' library card numbers (it becomes the student's 10-digit student ID number) so school library staff can help students access online materials, such as eBooks, databases, etc.

Q: If my student already has a library card, will this account replace their current account?

A: Yes. The new library card through the school district will replace any library cards already in the student's name.

Q: Will my student get a new library card?

A: Yes! The student's school ID card (in elementary and middle) will have a barcode on it that will act as the new library card.

Q: Will my student have access to materials that I don't know about?

A: Students will still be able to access any materials from the school library in the same way as before. Now they will be able to get assistance from library staff in each building to place books on hold at the public library, access electronic materials available at the public library, etc. They will also be able to check out materials at the public library as any patron can.