Get your very own "Se" today!!!!

By: Trevor Betz

For all your toy playing needs!

Elmo says, "This is the best prefix ever! I use it in almost every show I do! I love it because, because so many words use it!

Do you wanna go to a serene place? Then you need the prefix Se! It will get you apart from your annoying brothers and sisters!


Once upon a time, there were two little baby letters. S and E.They really didn't like each other at all. Then one day they got in a big fight. S thought he was better because he was curvy and E thought he was better because he had all straight lines. After that, their mom, F, glued them together! They wanted to get away from each other. They wanted to be apart from one another, but they couldn't. So that's why we have SE today. We use it to mean apart. Buy it now to honor S and E, and to get your very own Se! Buy now!


Se looks like two things or people away from one another. For example, if someone is making you mad, then you would wanna separate from them. You can only do that if you have the prefix se. So, buy it now for only $5! If you don't understand what se means, then think of it as a divorce or a break up. The to people become apart.


The prefix se can make to things separate from each other . Se actually means apart! It can put you in an another place away from the people you dis-like. If you wanna go somewhere else,but you have a boring meeting, then use se to seclude yourself from the meeting!