Charles Phillip Granere

Charles Philip Granere Receives Job Promotion

Charles Philip Granere Receives Job Promotion

Salt Lake City resident, Charles Philip Granere, has been working for leading information technology firm, Experis, for over four years. Recently Charles Philip Granere received a job promotion from the company, his new job title is Senior Information Security Administrator.

Charles Philip Granere has accomplished more than he could’ve dreamt of in his short time in the workforce.

The former Sandy resident, Charles Philip Granere, who has been working for Experis since 2008, recently was promoted to Senior Information Security Administrator.

Experis accelerates organizations’ growth by intensely attracting, assessing, and placing specialized expertise in IT, finance, engineering, and healthcare to precisely deliver in-demand talent for mission-critical positions, enhancing the competitiveness of the organizations and people they serve.

“I am thrilled to receive this promotion,” said Phil Granere. “I’m proud of my work, and I am proud to say I work for such a leading information technology firm.”

Charles Philip Granere is responsible for day-to-day systems administration tasks of over 400 servers including virtual servers. In addition, Charles Philip Granere is responsible for the administration, tuning, configuration and maintenance of replication servers.

Overall, Charles Philip Granere has been working in the information technology field for about 16 years. Over the course of the years Phil Granere has worked for several leading information technology firms.

In addition to his job at Experis, Charles Philip Granere is president and ceo of a Web hosting firm, Streamline Internet Solutions. Charles Philip Granere established the company in 2003. Currently Phil Granere manages the activities of 10 employees and maintains over 750 networked and dial-up users and their equipment.

“I am pretty busy; in addition to putting in my best work at Experis, I also run my own business, but I like being busy,” Charles Philip Granere said.

More About Charles Philip Granere

Salt Lake City resident, Charles Philip Granere attended the University of Denver where he graduated in 2001 with a degree in information technology. Phil Granere currently works as a Senior Information Security Administrator for Experis, an information technology firm. Phil Granere has worked in the information technology industry for about 16 years. In addition to working for Experis, Charles Philip Granere owns and runs a Web hosting firm, Streamline Internet Solutions.
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