Fuel Up to Play 60 January Edition

By Mia Silvestros and Kaitlyn Pluff

8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball

Rogers Middle School has a new edition--- basketball teams! We have teams for each gender, too. Go see one of their games using the schedule underneath!

Basketball Schedule:

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Goodbye Rams

If you did not hear the news, here's the scoop: The Rams have left St. Louis to go play for California. What does this have to do with Fuel Up? Well, if you've ever watched a football game, you might notice that sometimes a Fuel Up commercial comes on. That's right--- Fuel Up To Play is sponsored by NFL. When we still had the Rams, we were able to have Rams players come over when we had Fuel Up assemblies. Now, that we don't have a football team, we don't have a team to identify with. Don't start tearing up though, because we will still get funding from the NFL.

FUTP Competition Video

The Fuel UP To Play 60 company made a suggestion that whoever made the best video showing what we do at our school to promote heath and wellness will win $ ---. Watch our video here: https://youtu.be/Ue5g6b75Tos

Go Red Week

From February 1-5, RMS will be celebrating Go Red Week. Go Red Week is going to be a week full of fun activities! On Friday, there will be an all-school dance-off! Practices will be held after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Tuesday, students will be allowed to wear their pajamas to school for $0.50. All proceeds will go to the American Heart Association. On Wednesday, you get to dress like it's summer! We will also be doing a wrap (for lunches) test! On Thursday, wear your favorite football jersey! On Friday, it's National Wear Red Day. There will be prizes for the boy and girl that wear the most red per grade level, so don't be afraid to really go all out on Friday!


Go Red bracelets will be sold January 25-29, and they cost $5. All money raised will go to the American Heart Association.

Box-top Extravaganza!

RMS is having a Box-top extravaganza from February 1-5 (busy week, right). The competition will be going on between 1st hour classes. Which ever class and independent student will win a prize! Winning class will also win hot chocolate and rice krispy treats or ice cream. which ever the class prefers.