From Sea to Salt

Menu for todays meals Served By: David Seley

Meal 1 Introduction

Do you like chip's or fries? I wonder what makes them SOOO good...

Read to find out what makes them SOOO good!

Meal 2 Farm

The Sea flows into shallow ponds,then the workers wait for a thick layer of salt crystals,and last the workers put the Salt into piles!

Meal 3 Factory

Trucks take the salt to the Factory,salt is washed and dried,chemicals are put in...It's packaged and sent to the store!!!

Meal 4 Store

People buy it for: Food, ice, Anything whatsoever!!!

Meal 5 Fun facts

Salt is sorted by size! Different sizes are used for different things!

Meal 6 Conclusion

Thank you for reading! Hope you tell family and friends how it's made!
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