Dissolving the Political Bands

By: Victoria K, Sydney L, Rodrigo Z

The Bloody Massacre

The Boston Massacre started when a group of patriots threw snowballs, stones, and sticks at a group of British soldiers. This showed how passionate the patriots hatred for the British had become. They were willing to attempt to stand up to fully trained soldiers with nothing more than sticks and stones.

Join or Die

This political cartoon was believed to be made by Benjamin Franklin. the cartoon shows a snake cut into eight different parts and goes along with a superstition from that time that said if you were to put the pieces of a cut up snake back together before sunset, the snake would come back to life. This showed the tremendous leadership the colonists were under. They were constantly being reminded of the need to be a united front against Britain.
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surrender of Lord Cornwallis

The surrender of Lord Cornwallis is what gave the French the last push they needed to become allies of the Americans. Once the French saw how serious the colonists were about their independence and their ability to hold their own in battle, they were fully confident in becoming allies.
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Valley Forge

Valley Forge was where the soldiers spirit was truly tested. The winter was long and brutal. They often didn't have enough food and disease spread through the camp. Many died but somehow through it all the army did not disband, they stayed unified, and came out ready to fight the British.


  • Despite considerable loyalist opposition, as well as Great Britain’s apparently overwhelmingly military and financial advantages, the patriot cause succeeded because of the colonists’ greater familiarity with the land, their resilient military and political leadership, their ideological commitment, and their support from European allies.


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