Grim and Grams point of view

Maxwell and Killer Kane

What are these?

When we Grim and gram went out side we saw double foot tracks in the snow and at the time we saw the foot tracks we knew right away what happened. killer Kane had payed a visit to are house. and took are wonderful grandson Maxwell Kane. and i told the police that he was not allowed of one mile of this house and he came passed the boundary and you must be wondering why and that reason is he killed are wonderful daughter Anne. and went to jail

What happened to my beat friend?

the worst of the worst!

On my best friend birthday the worst thing had happened. He had a seizure and we are all freaking out, We called 911 and i was so scared. When i went to the hospital they would not let me go and see him the first day and i came the next day and sat out side the hospital and flew the Ornithopter and waited. when i finale got to go in i saw that people were looking at me and crying and at that time i knew what had happened and i started running and i did not know were i was going i was just going and i know he did not make it and i punched through the glass and kept going until i saw him

Going back to jail

Killer Kane is going back to to jail because he had tried to kill two people and he failed and the police caught him and took him back to jail and he is going to be there for the time he needs to finish and the extra 10 years.