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Hummurabi's code

Hummurabi's Code

Hummurabi's code was made so that the strong would not hurt the weak. This means that the laws should be just right? Well they're not. People in different social classes get different treatment.
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He states that the gods have given him these laws. Therefore you are to follow them or the gods will inflict a curse on your family, land, warriors, subjects, and troops. Does this seem right? All of his family and people will have to suffer because he did one thing wrong. He should be the only one to get punished not the whole world.


You know the saying an eye for an eye, yay that's right that was one of Hammurabi's code. An eye for an eye only if you are a not a slave. An eye for money is what slaves did. Same rules apply for broken bones, and knocked out teeth. What? An eye for money? It should all be the same law no matter what social class . If a son hits his dad his hands shall be crit off. He only hit his dad his hands shouldn't be crit off that is ten times worse than hitting someone.


If a person borrows crops from a creditor and the crops wash away the buyer dosen't have to pay them right away. What? He borrowed precious goods. The credited that lender him the crop should be rewarded because their well being depends on it.

* Quotes from Shakespeare's Hamlet.