January 2023

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We Wish you a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

From our Front Office and Administrative Team to you and your family!

Dr. Bevere, Dr. Nieves, Ms. Kole, Ms. Robin, Ms. Kim, and Ms. Karlowski.

Principal & Assistant Principal's Corner

New Year, New Bolts!

As we begin the second half of the school year, and the official start of 2023, we ask that our BEN families and students, both while at home and at school, focus on five New Year’s resolutions.

These resolutions can be found on our school web-site and are also listed here. Throughout the month of January we will be speaking to the students about these resolutions and following up on them during our Sunday calls. We can do this, BEN Bolts!

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Please arrive before 8:55 a.m.

Starting January 2nd, we will be working with resolution number one - Be on-time for school. As a reminder to all students and families, the instructional day at BEN begins promptly at 9 a.m. Therefore, it is imperative that all students be on campus no later than 8:55 a.m. Students are, of course, welcome into our building beginning at 8:45 a.m. so our recommendation is to aim for 8:45 as students benefit from these minutes to unpack, settle in, and to get their minds ready for a day of learning. Let’s all try to make being on-time to school a priority in 2023!

Parents and guardians, please note that both the side entry doors and our main lobby doors will now close at 8:55 a.m. If your child arrives at school after this time, a parent or guardian will be expected to park their vehicle along the main driveway and to escort their child into the building to receive a late pass.

Thank you for your help with meeting our first resolution,

Dr. Bevere and Dr. Nieves

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The December "WHO IS BENNY?" Mystery Reader was: Dr. Bevere

Congratulations to all of you that were able to guess the Mystery Reader and answer the questions that went along with the story.

December Winners Are;

K- Seth from Mrs. Devestern's class

1- Vidyut from Ms. McCunney's class

2-Aadhav from Mrs. Crimmins's class

3-Rebekah from Mrs. Nuzzo's class

4-Megan T. from Mrs. Meisner's class

5-Leonard from Mrs. Plodzien's class

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Our First Number Ninja is Here!!!

Please submit your work by January 2, 2023.

Thank you!

Exciting News from around the Building

The Bolt Times 1st Edition

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Clubs at Ben have started!

Stay tuned for highlights from the clubs in following news letters. We hope to share the amazing work of our students from a few of the specific clubs each month!
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Safety Patrols

The Benjamin Franklin 5th Grade Safety Patrol's primary purpose is to enhance the safety of students arriving and dismissed from school. With the support of their Safety Patrol Liaison, Mrs. Wallitsch, all Safety Patrols demonstrate leadership skills and good citizenship qualities such as respect, responsibility, and acceptance. These amazing 5th graders can also be seen promoting those same skills throughout the building being BOLTS and letting their lightning shine!

Odyssey of the Mind-

Using our BOLT creativity, we are preparing to be problem-solvers. We're excited to create solutions for ANY and ALL problems that come our way!

The Board Game Club

The Board Game Club is a way to get kids off of electronic devices and play hands on board games with their friends. It teaches kids valuable skills such as sportsmanship, taking turns, and teamwork. It will give them the social time that they have missed during Covid. It will provide them the skills of playing a game that is not on a screen. Ms. Gerena used to work in a board game store and her passion was teaching games to customers. Now she shares her love of games with 4th and 5th Grade students. Games connect people and can teach us important skills. This club gives kids the opportunity to be kids again and play games with other students.

Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership: This club is available to fifth grade students. Peer Leadership is a unique leadership program that creates empathy and acceptance leading to inclusion for all children. This program is focused on enhancing students’ leadership skills with a focus on self-care, empathy, kindness, acceptance of others, and the ability to communicate. Peer leaders help run school wide programs to create a stronger school community for everyone! Peer leaders are role models for all students.
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Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. The Drama Club shares the joy of theater and a live performance in a fun environment. We do this by encouraging all students, we hope, to inspire a love and respect for the performing arts. Drama Club also gives students a chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theater arts while developing poise, social skills, confidence and the ability to work with others. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design.

STEM Club:

STEM club learning about motion and energy by making snowball launchers! Students hypothesized which type of snowball would fly the furthest (cotton ball, marshmallow, or pom pom), tested, and discussed their scientific findings!
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Garden Club!

The Garden Club is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students. The clubs goals for the year are as follows:

Students will be introduced to the art and science of gardening.

Students will learn about the plant cycle, pollination, nutrition through hands-on experiences.

This club will foster student leadership skills, life skills, and a sense of responsibility to maintain and grow a school community garden 3 tower gardens and recreate a school garden in our courtyard.

Students will assume responsibility for garden planning, care, and maintenance by watering, weeding, planting, and checking ph levels of water for our tower gardens

This club will expose the students to a variety of locally grown produce and provide tastings during our seasonal harvest times.

Students will gain an understanding of what foods grow in each season as well as understand the nutritional and environmental value of consuming foods within their season.

To date, the students of the Garden Club have started to prep to utilize our three tower gardens to begin growing produce through the winter months.

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Student Council

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Kindness Club!

The Kindness Club at Ben Franklin School is in full swing again! Our 4th and 5th grade kindness warriors have been working hard and coming up with many ways to promote kindness this school year. With the holidays right around the corner, we made holiday cards for hospitalized children that we will send to put a smile on their faces. We also plan on making care packages for community members who work tirelessly during the holidays to ensure our safety. This year, we have so many unique ideas to encourage and foster a community of kindness in our school and We cannot wait to share them with all of you. Stay tuned! Promoting kindness in our school, community, and nationwide is our mission and we are ready to accomplish it!

Books of the Month :

One Snowy Night By: Nick Butterworth

Percy the Park Keeper always feeds the animals in the park where he lives. But one cold winter’s night Percy discovers that his little friends need more than food and he must find a way to help them find a warm place to sleep for the night.

Percy’s hut is nice and warm but Percy discovers that if you invite one animal in you’ll have to invite them all in and his hut is only small – it’s certainly going to be a squash!

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One Snowy Night-Nick Butterworth

Fun Family Activity: How to make a snowman from items you have around the house.

Colorful Snowman Paper Craft for Kids - winter crafts

Book #2 : When Martin Luther King Jr. Wore Roller Skates By: Mark Andrew Weakland

Martin Luther King Jr. led the American Civil Rights Movement. But do you know what he was like as a child? From roller skating to playing football and basketball, Martin was a fun-loving child. This playful story of his childhood will help young readers connect with a historic figure and will inspire them to want to achieve greatness.

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Read Aloud - When Martin Luther King Jr Wore Roller Skates

Fun Family Activity: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Art Activity

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Art Activity

Math Fact Challenge : Winners: Week of December 19, 2022

Congratulations to Mrs. Babst's, Mrs. Aravena's, Mrs. Wallitsch's, and Mrs. Meisner's classes for winning this round of the Math Fact Challenge!
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Earlier this month:

Math Olympics Test Prep Challenge Winners:

Grade 2 completed challenging subtraction problems with and without regrouping.

Grades 3-5 completed merry multiplication problems.

Congratulations to Ms. Gerena and Mrs. Zambrano's 2nd grade class, Mrs. Nuzzo's 3rd grade class, Mrs. Parker's 4th grade class, and Mrs. Wallitsch's 5th grade class for all their hard work and improvement shown during this Math Olympics Challenge!

Spotlight: Fourth Grade : "Share the Gift of Reading"

Our 4th grade team share their book recommendations for through their "Gift of Reading Showcase"
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Inside our Fourth Grade Classrooms

Multiple Towers!

Mrs. Meisner's students working on multiple towers in Math. Each group labeled their "landmarks" and completed 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication problems.
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Math Towers

"Students in Mrs. Ryan and Miss Cumello's class working together to build Math Towers as they work on multiplication

Hands on Math!

Fourth graders from Mrs. Bonsenor and Mrs. Martinelli's class use hands on math to practice their factors and multiples.
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Towers, Towers, and more Towers!

Mrs. Parker's students created multiplication towers to show their knowledge of multiples that aid in solving multiplication and division problems.
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Multiplication Strategies!

Ms. Lewkowitz's 4th grade students use their multiplication strategies to work together and create multiple towers!

Month In Review

Color a Smile Continues!!!

Students of all ages continued to work on their Color a Smile projects! We were able to contribute over 300 greeting cards to this very worthy cause and share holiday cheer with so many in the hospital and nursing home during this holiday season. Thank you for partnering with us.
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December Kindness!

December has been all about kindness in Miss Thompson and Mrs. Masnica's classroom! Students read about and discussed showing kindness toward others, followed by writing about what kindness means to them.

Bulletins Boards from Around the School

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Wind Vane & Weather

Students in Ms. Afonso/Ms. Felumero’s class are learning about the wind vane in their weather unit.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Shop

The PTA shared in the holiday spirit by hosting a Winter Wonderland Holiday Shop with the students of Ben Franklin
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Herbert Hoover Chorus Visits Ben Franklin

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Winter Concert : School Day Performance

Polar Express Day : All Aboard!

Holiday Sing - Along

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Happy Holidays from Around the World with 1st Grade

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Important Dates

Jan 6: Starbolts Café | Bolt Bucks School Store

Jan 9: Professor W Assembly-Grades 3 & 5 (2:15PM)

Jan 11: 1:30 Dismissal/PD Day

Jan 13: Starbolts Cafe

Jan 16: School Closed/MLK Birthday

Jan 20: Starbolts Café | Bolt Bucks Store

Jan 27: Starbolts Cafe

Jan 30: Author Visit for 1st, 2nd and 4th Grade

Club Meeting Dates

Jan 2: Odyssey of the Mind – 8:00

Jan 3: ESL Club 8:00

Jan 4: ESL Club 8:00 | Student Council Mtg. 8:15 | Team Franklin 8:05 | Board Game Club 3:45

Jan 5: Garden Club 8:00 | ESL Club 3:45

Jan 9: Odyssey of the Mind – 8:00 | Newspaper Mtg. 8:15 | Environmental Club 3:45

Jan 10: ESL Club 8:00

Jan 11: ESL Club 8:00 | STEM – Gr. 4 8:00

Jan 12: ESL Club 3:45

Jan 13: Kindness Club – Gr. 5

Jan 17: ESL Club 8:00

Jan 18: ESL Club 8:00 | STEM – Gr. 5 8:00 | Team Franklin 8:05 | Board Game Club 3:45

Jan 19: Garden Club 8:00 | Safety Patrol Mtg. 12:50 | ESL Club 3:45

Jan 20: Kindness Club -Gr. 4

Jan 23: Odyssey of the Mind – 8:00 | Environmental Club 3:45

Jan 24: ESL Club 8:00

Jan 25: ESL Club 8:00

Jan 26: ESL Club 3:45

Jan 30: Odyssey of the Mind – 8:00 | Newspaper Mtg. 8:15

Jan 31: ESL Club 8:00

Thank you for helping us spread Holiday Cheer!

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The Kindness Club and Ms. Tornambe donated adorable holiday care mugs for our Officers.
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A huge thank you to our Student Council, Ms. Pickton, Ms. Hanlon and all of our students and families who made our Toy Drive a huge success. Thank you for helping us to spread holiday cheer and kindness!

Happier January 2023

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