How Does a Computer Work?

Learn more about computers if you want!


Computers are very high quality machines with you can do many things with. there is more to a computer than a key board and a screen. there are things that you can't see only if you open it and look on the inside.if you think you know about these amazing pieces of technology if I were you think again and you will find out...


monitors are the screen of the computer that allows you to see what you are doing. there are different types of screens. what allows you to see everything what you are doing on a computer is the CPU which tells the computer what to do or show up on your monitor.

There are different types of monitors you have a CTR and a LCD they have good and bad qualities. Lets start of with the LCD monitor they are good because they have a better quality screen it is not pixelated and are very light compared to carrying a CRT monitor. But the LCD monitor is more expensive to buy but on the other hand they are easier to find globally and are finally more up to date looking.

Then you have the CRT monitor, first of all they look very old and a bit out of date. CRT monitors are cheap to buy because of being old and not having good quality screen to look at. they are quiet thick because of the fact that they need a processor at the back of them to tell the computer monitor what to show on it, that makes it heavier than a LCD monitor. lastly they people to day still go for the newer model of the CRT monitor.


Input devices are things you use to put something in like a key board you press a letter and thats what you put in to the computer.or a scanner you place a thing you what to copy on the scanner and then it transfers it in to your computer. Other input devices are a computer mouse, USB flash drive, joy stick, microphone, touch screen, drawing pad etc. There are different uses for each input devices. like you would chose a drawing pad over a computer mouse because when you want to draw something on the computer it is easier to do it with a drawing pad. or touch screen over computer mouse, touch screen is okay to use but if you have bigger fingers it is harder to be accurate on where you are pressing. but with a computer mouse it can be better when you want to be accurate with were you are touching. also with touch screen you could get annoyed when people accidentally touch you screen and everything goes away.


output devices are devices use to make something go out of the computer or be projected on to something. there are many different types of output devices. you have a monitor that shows what you are doing on you screen, headphones they sound sound out so you hear what is going on or you use them so only you can hear what is happening. Here are some examples of output devices speakers, plotter, inkjet printer, laser printer, projector, monitor etc. Plotter, inkjet and laser printer are all meant for different thing like a plotter is for huge banners and for big posters it can use lots of ink and is not your usual type of printer, a laser printer is one you would find in your house they print in colour and black and white they are slower than a inkjet printer but are cheaper to buy and lastly the inkjet printer is supper fast and prints within seconds they can print in any colour and are quit expensive.

Storage Devices

Hard Disc Drive (HDD)

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Compact Disc (CD)

There are many storage devices. they are measured in:

8 Bits= 1 Byte

1024 Bytes= 1 Kilobyte KB

1024 Kilobyte= 1 Gigabyte GB

1024 Gigabytes= 1 Megabyte MB

1024 Megabytes= 1 Terabyte TB

1024 Terabytes= 1 Petabyte PB

That is a basic way of measuring storage in a computer.

HDD's are what may hold the storage in you computer it is a turning disk with a actuator arm that reads the information that is put in to it. Data is stored on the disc by electrical currents that say what’s happening they are divided up into Bits which moves 2 different directions. A magnet changes the direction which causes it to presses the information each bit holds a current amount of storage which creates the thing you put on it like a document. They are bigger so they weight more but can hold more storage but are shorter lasting and are quit slow.

SSD are fast and can transfer information quicker from one place to another. Little transactions happen when you are typing on you computer. It can be able to hold a lot of information at once and the files can also be quite big. It has no moving parts and can start you computer or laptop way faster and then last longer.It is small so it can easily fit in small laptops so then they are light and can be moved easily. Though they are more expensive than HDD.

CD's are disks that need to be spun to read the information. The computer reads it with tiny bumps that spiral out of it to create the thing you have put on it. The bumps creates files, with the aluminum layer which reflects out to the commuter as 0s or 1s theres are then made into information you computer. CD's are cheep you can write on them and they can't hold a lot of information.

USB flash drives are small things you can use to put storage in or out. The board holds all the opponents you would need and includes a USB connector. They are stored in a storage chip it is called a Nand flash memory the micro controller chip makes ever thing happen it controls the thing you put in and out of it, they come with certain amount of Gigabyte this is for all the different uses you need it for. They are easily moved and are light the price is not that hight, but you can lose them easily and you need to make sure there is not to much information on it otherwise it becomes full.

External Hard Disk Drive are like a use but can hold up to one Terabyte this makes it better for back ups of important files. It uses a USB connector which transfers the information to you computer. It works exactly like a HDD but is easier to move and litter because it is smaller. But it is still quit heavy but not to heavy the prices can range but it is all in what you want.


This is a the main thing it does it is the central system it gets info from the CPU and holds all the parts that you can use it gets signals and shows it on the computer the motherboard is the storage holder it contains all parts of a computer. The memory is kept in, it connects the part of the main computer parts. It has input and output parts. It also has electrical currents that signal the computer what to do and makes it easy for things to move in a blink of an eye.


CPU is basically the brain of the computer it controls all the computer in a split second right before your eyes. Some cpu’s can store more than others. They need to be cooled so they don’t overheat so you would use things like fans. Intel cpu are for high quality work for things like 3D and photo shop and for high calculations they don’t get over heated very fast so for laptops they are great. But AMD’s they are for the basics like just gaming and the basic thing that you can do if you want a laptop that has a AMD processor this overheats very fast so you need to have cooling parts. But you always need to determined a budget and what you will do with it. Intel CPU's are sold all over the world more computers have Intel CPU's than AMD CPU's. Intel processes things faster than AMD's. Intel also is expensive but better then a AMD, but AMD's are for shopping on a budget. As for Intel they are for higher quality and for when you want things to go fast.

Ram & Rom

Ram is random accesses memory. It is like short term memory place. It is were you write something it has to go some were so it goes to Ram. this allows you to have many tabs open at the same time and applications. it is a good thing to have but when you log off all those things go away, so you need to open them again because they don't save straight away.

Rom is read only memory. This is used when you turn on your computer it remembers the desktop and how you left it when you logged of or how it needs to be like when you log on to the computer.

Graphics Card

A graphics card is a component in your computer which makes you able to see what’s happening on your screen there are curtain graphics cards are for curtain computer monitor. The better the graphics the higher the quality you can see on your monitor. It is used a lot for gaming you add a graphics card for less lag and higer quality things on your screen a graphics card makes it clear to see what is happening and makes sure you computer screen is not pixelated.

Operating System

there are different operating systems for different computer brands. the main operating systems are:

Osx (apple) El Capitan. It is for PC and laptop devices. it is only for apple computers so that means the modified it for there devices so you can't get it on other can find things on it easily because it is simple to us so you only need a little bit of trie and error. You can’t modify it your self because know one knows really how they made it. It is easily to download things on it you only need the app store to do it but this comes with it in the beginning. They desing the operating system for the hard wear that means that it is specially made for those computer and they tried it on their computer so it is reliable to use on apple computer.

Windows 10 Microsoft. It is made for PC, laptop and phones. You have to buy a new operating system when a new one is released because they are not connected to the actual computer the create an operating system. It is not for apple computer so those can get glitches because they make it only for the product. They make and it is not modified for an apple computer. How they make their operating system it is like apple know one knows how they exactly make it.

Android google. This you have to update by yourself because you can change how it looks and use the same concept. Everyone can use it though updating you have to do but that is up to the company to do by their self's. it is made for all things but the quality is not that great because not all the computers are the same so it might look great on some but horrible on others.

Other Software

Word processing

Word: This have options that you can chose and it has many different things to use they are easy to use and you don’t need to find to much out to learn how it works. You need to pay for it and it can cost a lot of money per year but I personally think it is worth can also get a site lisons for more than one computer thats if you have to teach computing in school with many computers.

Pages: This is quit confusing to use if to just started.It gives you lay out's to use on your computer it is for apple computers because they don't automatically have Word. You can get it for free on a apple computer. Pages can only be sent to a computer with pages so if you have a friend or a teacher with another type of computer you can send it to them but they can't open it. You can’t get it on a non apple computer.

Open office: It is easy to use and you can download it for free on mac’s but you can download it on other computers to through the internet. however it glitches and crashes a lot after some time so you need to save your work quit frequently other wise you lose it.

Spread sheet

Numbers: It is hard to learn and quite confusing. But you can download it on an apple computer only but it is for free and comes with the computer when you get it so you don't usually need to download it.

Excel: It is something you need to learn about it but it is not hard you can get it on every computer. But you need to pay for it yearly or for ever but the prices can range to buy.

Photo editing/graphics

Paint: It is very simple to learn and has a good variety of a color pallet and is free but is not for professions and

Photo shop: It is hard to learn because there are many options on it. But, is made for high quality work and looks professional when you know what you are doing. there are so many choices so you learn something new every time. you do need to pay for it and it is quit pricey.

Video editing, DTB desktop, publishing, Audio-editing and Database these are other software types. They are all use full to have on your computer and they all have good and bad things.

Alan Turing

He tried decode the Nazi code and in a way succeeded. He made a computer to do this because it is too hard for us to find out how the made that complex code. He came up with the idea of the computer to and he learnd them to do things for us like a human but better. He was a math magician this made it a bit easier for him to make the computer. He gave the ideas for the world that we can have a machine that is possibly smarter than us and can be like a human but in a machine way.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

www created the world wide web. He is a English computer scientist he worked at Cern where he got an idea that there could be an easier way for scientist to accesses one an others files this is how he came up with the world wide web and he gave it to the world for free earning no profit he made it to be free because he thought it is useful for everyone. we are very luck to have this man in the world because without him we won't have WWW to go on and social media.

First Generation

First generation these computers were huge and only ad short term memory the had to be water cooled because the generated heat a lot they used a vacuum tubes they basically looked like light bulbs they were used for memories and a CPU. They were very expensive and only made for big organizations. Punch cards paper tape and magnetic tape were the only input and output devices that mean it didn’t have a monitor or screen.

Second Generation

In this generation transistors were used they are cheaper fester and use less energy needed to power them. They became smaller and more reliable magnetic cores were used as sort term memory and for long term memory they used magnetic tape and magnetic disks and higher level programing. still the computer was not a thing you would have in your house.

Third Generation

It used a IC, this had many transistors for processing. This made them become smaller and came with a multi programing operating system. They were still quiet expensive to buy but had better quality and, more wider range of options to use the input and output varied now with more options to use. the became not that common in houses but you might have one in your school.

Forth Generation

This computer has 5000 transistors and that made it possible for it to be even smaller this became a new trend to have your own personal computer (PC). They became more powerful smaller affordable and faster in processing. The computer has many input and output devices this had a operating system and the www to access. This made it a must have for everyone. The Forth Generation computer is the one we use today they can be moved around and have a battery so you don't need to charge it at all times unless you have a desk top.


In conclusion the computers has changed a lot over time and evolved. there are always good and bad things about computers they, have many great things to know about to get educated and understand what computer you should buy and what is the best to use. But in the end it always what you want in your computer and what you need to use it for. the computers are still changing and they are thinking about making a Fifth generation that, we don't need to program but it learn things by itself. And they might be the best computers in history.
Input and Output Devices