Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

Week 27 - March 22,2016

Up Coming Events and Stories

March 22

Major Saver Assembly 9:45 AM

Spring and Class Pictures -

(class pictures can be ordered online and individual proofs will be sent in a few weeks to purchase)

March 24 & 25

Student Holiday

Student and Staff Holiday

March 31

TELPAS Reading 3rd Grade, 8:00AM

April 1

Ocean Adventure Program, 7:50 AM

April 8

Dodd Carnival

Up Coming Stories:

Week 27 - Jones Family Express in Texas Treasures

Week 28 - Charlotte's Web novel by E.B. White

Week 29 - Charlotte's Web novel by E.B. White

Week 30 - Unique Animals of the Southwest in Texas Treasures

Behavior, homework, and planners - Please look at and sign your child's planner daily. We have had a real hard time getting students to listen, complete assignments, and remember when things are due. I have many planners that haven't been signed all year or since October. This is our way of letting you know what is going on and were important information is sent.

Tutoring Dates: Students have a T written in their planner on days that they have tutoring. Please look at your child's planner daily to see if they are needing to stay.

March 23, 28, 29, 30

April 11, 12, 13,14,

April 20, 21, 25,

April 26, 28,

May 3, 5

Reading and intervention

Reading - This week students read a fiction story called Jones Family Express. The main skills were making an inference, homophones, and first and third person narrative. They worked with the following words: annual, potential, expensive, politely, wrapping, and innocent.

Intervention - Over the last few weeks and the weeks before STAAR testing, students are grouped into small groups to focus more closely on skills that need more work and also for extension purposes. Students are covering both reading and math areas four days a week.

In reading we have covered main idea and details and will work on drawing conclusions this week and next.

With a short week this week, we skipped our Target Reading story and focused on completing all missing or unfinished work before the grading period ends tomorrow. Most students have turned in work, but some are still missing a few items.

How can you help?

Continue to work with your child on reading a variety of books nightly. See if they can retell what the story is about and discuss words that they may not know. How can they use the clues around the words to help with the meaning?

Reading passages - See that they are using PIRATE strategies to help with reading comprehension, unknown words, making logical answer choices by looking for evidence in the story, and reading the story more than one time. Are they highlighting key words in the questions and do they understand the question? Are they taking their time or waiting until the last night to complete their homework?

Education Galaxy - Students can work on reading skills and math skills at home too.

LEXIA - Students who have been given a login account can always complete minutes at home to help free up their day so that they can work in small groups, and have more time to complete work, or read and test AR.

Social Studies

Students took their unit 6 and 8 vocabulary test today. They will complete their district unit test tomorrow. Our next unit will cover budgets and economy.

Spelling and CUPS

No spelling this week due to the short week. Students should have completed the reading passages sent home last week. I will send new passages tomorrow. CUPS main skill this week was capitalization of Geographic places and proper nouns.