chinese schools of thought

by Ruth Arnold


confucianism believed to respect thier elders,ancestors and social Superior. Education is very impotant as a reverence for learning. The founder of confucianism believed that human nature is good not evil. All of his sayings were put into a book called analect.  This is a claim and relaxing philosophy that took place in  1650 to 1027 B.C.E. Later on this was elimated by Zhou Dynasty .


The founder philosopher name is Hanfieizi. He believed the nature of man is evil and goodness is acquired.He is the man who forced his people to make the great wall of china from invation of the nomads.  He inforced strict laws and harsh punishment to his people. which the people rebaled as a result to his unfair goverment

Taoism (Daoism)

The founder philosoper name is Laozi aslso known as the ruler who governed the least. He believed in a humble and simple life. He wanted his people to live in harmony with nature .


The Emperor in 100 AD go by the name Asoka in India. Budda believed in the four noble truths which are ; 1. Human life invole suffering and sorrow. 2. the desire of gain in material things cause suffering. 3. Renouning desires frees people from suffering. 4. Eightfold path leads to reuniciation. These belief spread to china and made it thier own by adding The Eightfold Path.