WooHOO Wednesday

Active (min of 150 PRV)

2000 PRV+

Cyndi Lanham $2061.05

1000 PRV+

Ashley Falter $1158.00

Latasha Holz $1076.00

Angelita Salyers $1008.30

500 PRV+

Megan Rice $758.30

Heather Horn $679.70

Hillarie Rhodes $586.50

150 PRV+

Amy Cunningham $491.60

Amanda Steere $484.00

Chantee Bartoe $474.54

Reba Beaver $444.00

Ashley Kight $411.90

Wendy Stockman $386.70

Sidney Mitchell $383.20

Allison Budd $361.00

Miranda Moriarity $298.15

Katie Bryant $270.00

Anastasia Mathews $248.20

Larissa Shope $242.90

Vicki Harris $226.00

Betty McComas $220.00

Cindy Naylor $215.78

Kathy Fout $180.00

Sarah Locke $168.75

Katie Brobst $166.70

Summyr Stein $161.85

Robert Alan $154.00

LeAnn Klein $152.00

Courtney George $151.00

High5 on a phenomenal month! I know we have a couple more days and many of you still have parties, events, open houses, etc that you still need to close out! Way to ROCK your business! Keep your eyes peeled for what's to come in November! Looks like a limited edition Warmer is coming our way. We'll find out what that is on 11/1. Also we can register for Spring Sprint beginning 11/1! I plan to attend Spring Sprint in Cleveland on 2/9. I'm more than happy to carpool. We'll devise a plan as we get closer. Keep up the awesome work! Have fun sharing Scentsy and Velata! Remember to CELEBRATE your success! Scentsy Spirit!!!!!!