Thomas Hart Benton

by: magnus mardis

early life time

Thomas Hart Benton was born April 15 1889 he grow up in region of Missouri it was in the southwest he loved hes home town before he was a artist he was farming with is dad because the didn't have that much money to have there food and he had to do a gob as a kid he had to throw noes papers around to people yards and he didn't under stand.

Benton as a young man

Benton wanted to study art in Europe. in 1908 he moved to pairs France and took art classes.soon Benton began to study on his own. he spent half of is time in the museum drawing important paintings. he spent the rest of is time drawing thing the pop right in his head he likes rally light colors.

Benton as a grownup

his dad got sick and Benton had to go back to Missouri and began to pant american's. Benton died on January 19 1975.