Digital Footprint

What does it mean?

What is a digital footprint?

It is the word used to represent the trace of information you leave on the internet.

Is a digital footprint good or bad?

A digital footprint can be both good and bad for different reasons. It is good because you can share your accomplishments and share where you have traveled to with your friends but a bad thing about the digital footprint is that people can find out so much about you. They can find out where you live your phone number, school, friends and a lot more. You can feel free to share your information with the world but don't out very personal information on there because people can eventually figure out everything about you.

What shouldn't you put out there?

You shouldn't give out your phone number, address, location and things like that just to be safe. Even with this you can still post pictures and use social media just think before you are posting so you don't give out any personal information.