Welcome To Botswana

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Their country size is, 231,804 sq miles (600,370km2). The climate in months is usually-

January- 78 degrees

February- 76 degrees

March- 73 degrees

April- 70 degrees

May- 59 degrees

June-55 degrees

July- 54 degrees

August- 59 degrees

September- 72 degrees

October- 81 degrees

November- 82 degrees

December- 78 degrees

Some natural resources are, Minerals, energy, protected areas and crop. The Kalahari desert stretches across seven countries and covers the entire central and southwestern regions of Botswana. The Okavango Delta is formed by the Okavango river.


1966- Independence from Great Britain.

1967- Diamonds were discovered in Botswana.

1980- Seretse Khama 1st president of Botswana died.

1985- Botswana recorded their first AIDS case.

2009- Botswana's population was 2 million.


The people of Botswana is divided into the main ethnic groups of Tswana people "79%", Kalanga people "11%", and Basarwa (or Bushmen "3%".

January 1st- New Years Day

March or April- Good Friday, Easter Monday

May 1st- Labour Day

May or June- Ascension

July 1st- Sir Seretse Khama day

3rd Monday in July- Presidents day

Tuesday after 3rd monday in July- Presidents day holiday

September 30th- Botswana Holiday

October 1st- Botswana Day Holiday

December 25th- Christmas day

December 26th- Boxing Day

The languages of Botswana are, the English Language, and the Tswana Language.

An estimated 70% of the people in Botswana identify themselves as Christians.

National Anthem video

Hymne national du Botswana


Botswana is a Parliamentary Republic. Their capital is Gaborone, Their president is Ian Khama. The government is a "Pula". Their first President was, Seretse Khama.


In 1967, diamonds were discovered within its borders and over the next three decades the country came the fastest growing economy. Their Industries were, Diamonds, Copper, Nickel, Salt, Soda ash, Potash, Coal, Iron Ore, Silver, Livestock processing and Textiles.

5 places to visit

5- Tuli Block

4- Nxai Pan National Park

3- Tsodilo Hills

2- Okavango Delta

1- Chobe National Park