I Can't See Enough

My name is Mia. I am 6 years old, and I am partially blind.

My Strengths:

  • I can see darkness and light.
  • I look at the objects with my hands and get information tactually just as sighted children get it visually.
  • I like to feel the breeze or rain drops falling on me.
  • I love to color.
  • I like to read with my Braille and like to hear stories from my reading buddy.
  • I love to listen to songs.
  • I love to play soft ball with my friends.

My Needs:

  • I need the same information, education, and experience which sighted children require.
  • I need to use my other senses for learning as I can't learn like sighted children.
  • I need clear and explicit verbal instructions.
  • I can't tolerate loud noises.
  • I get frustrated if things are not at the same place or I am in a new place.
  • I need someone to hold my hand or guide me the way out of the classroom.
  • I need my cane by my side.
  • I need the Braille or other helpful equipment accessible to me.
  • AND lastly, I need love and care all the time.

How My Teacher Helps Me

  • My teacher provides me with audio files or written instructions in Braille.
  • She consistently keeps items in predetermined places (desks,chairs etc)
  • She makes sure I have easy access to Braille and other equipment.
  • She makes me sit close to her or in the front row and tries to reduce any background noises or provides me with headphones.
  • She reads out loud what is written on the board and uses simple words to explain things to me.
  • She helps me use my other senses in learning and provides me with a number of hands-on activities and lots of manipulatives.
  • She uses an auditory signal for class attention and to signal a change of activities.
  • She does my assessment orally or by scribing and gives me extra time.

How My Friends Help

  • My friends or classmates tell me about the description of things.
  • They read instructions for me.
  • They help me find my stuff.

My Alternate Program.

  • My orientation and mobility specialist teaches me how to walk around using my cane and remember the number of steps to the washroom or the hallway.
  • An occasional therapist visits me and involves me in a variety of activities to help me adjusted to the environment socially.
  • An educational assistant helps me during lunch time or other physical activities.

My Special Assistive Technology

I learn so much with my Refreshable Braille Display. It is an electronic device that is connected to the computers and is used to read text tactually that is typically displayed visually on a computer. It uses a screen reading software to assess information for the user.