Protect Your Investment

It could cost you between 10,000 - 15,000 $$$

Real Estate Agents are self-employed professionals ....

A licensed real estate professional is provided the education to understand real estate law and contracts, but how to run a successful business is not always in the curriculum.

Although real estate agents are associated with brokerages or an associated office, they are a self-employed sales person and responsible for their own success.

Any real estate brokers office will tell you the success of the real estate office is the quality of the real estate agents. It is like that old saying “It is not the quantity it is the quality.”

Key factor in a healthy and prosperous office ...

Agents who have weekly appointments with a coach other than their brokers continue to build their confidence level, create loyalty strategies more effectively and attract clients more consistently. This will cut down on office new agent turnover and in return offer a weekly accountability business partner.

Some agents feel if their broker or in office coach is mentoring/coaching them they can not be their true self.

Here are some of the concerns I have heard throughout my coaching sessions with agents.

  1. Fear of not complying with the office procedures or expectations.
  2. Fear of being judged.
  3. Personal history or family information being shared.

These feelings create low self confidence, times of discouragement, isolation and stress.

Why Coaching Works ...

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Frequent interactions
  • Set and reach all their goals
  • Partnership with someone who has no attachments and wants you to succeed
  • Creative synergy
  • Emotional support

Our coaching sessions will help you focus and prioritize to improve your service, grow your real estate business so you will “Sell More…Earn More…Market Less!”.

Sustain results by developing the dynamic systems and necessary skills in a co-creative setting.

Meet Dawn

Dawn Hogan is a known for real estate professionals in creating dynamic systems in marketing their business more effectively and attracting long term clients more consistently who pay well, stay longer and refer often. Focusing and prioritizing to improve your service, grow your business and increase your revenues. [Read More]

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You will learn how to trust and have confidence in yourself, lead yourself and your clients towards greater communication, inspiration and passion. We coach over the phone or in your local office. The choice is yours.

If you are an out of state or country real estate agent, we can coach over the phone.

Grab your ✆ complimentary 45 minute session and a cup of ☕ and lets strategize.