By Paige Allsup

"Being captured was the absolute worst",Persephone told me in a meeting composed of the gods Demter,Persephone,and Hades.

"That's not true!",Hades told me quickly before I could write that down.

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Demter was reluctant to answer any questions at first but eventually answered a couple questions like " How come you didn't just go and get your daughter?", I calmly asked

" Well if I did I couldn't come back! Any one knows that!" She insisted.

" You would be with your daughter though wouldn't that be better?", I persuaded.

"No because then I would be stuck in the underworld with that weirdo!", Demeter stated.


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After a year Persephone was finally coming home! There was much rejoicing,before she left though Hades insisted she ate something. Some pomegranate seeds was all he offered her and she gladly accepted 4. Now Hades knew that the pomegranate was the food of the dead and if she ate some she would have to return. Persephone hadn't eaten in a year for she was so sad and didn't think much about it pop them in her mouth and left as fast as she could to go she her mom.
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Once Persephone got back her mom asked

" Did you eat food while down there my flower?"

"Only 4 pomegranate seeds that's all I was too sad to eat anything else.", Persephone told us,"Why?"

" Now for every seed you ate you must spend a month away from me," Demeter replied.

Now for whenever Persphone goes away Dementer is in deep morning and castes the world into a cold frosty state for 4 months. This is how we get winter every year.

Thank you Hades,Persephone,and Demeter for your time

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