Texas Issues

By: Trinity Llanas

What is the significance of Texas being annexed by the U.S.?

1. Problems with Mexico

2. Slavery

3. Manifest Destiny

Problems with Mexico

Mexico doesn't want to recognize Texas as being apart of the U.S. They weren't willing to give up their land. Mexico did not recognize the Treaty of Velasco and because of this they didn't recognize Texas as independent. These reasons might've caused war with Mexico and Texas.

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The Americans began debating the issue of slavery. If slavery were to begin they would loose all of their right. They would get to have businesses, land, and slaves. A Free Black Texan would loose all of their rights and freedom they were promised.

Manifest Destiny

Texas is now apart of the U.S. and it might cause some problems. This might cause slavery to expand in Texas. Since Manifest Destiny would make the U.S. bigger, they would have to add more land. They wanted to add California and any land in between.

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