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Towing in Ephrata, Pa

If you find yourself in need of towing in Ephrata, Pa., it is important to call the body shop that is well equipped to handle whatever situation you may find yourself in. Some questions you might want to ask are:

Are they equipped to handle any situation?

Can they handle my larger than average vehicle?

Whatever your reasons for needing towing in Ephrata, Pa., it is imperative that the service station you contact is able to handle your dilemma. Perhaps you have been in a serious collision that has rendered your vehicle immovable. In this case, a regular towing vehicle would not be sufficient. Your situation may require what is known as a winch truck which is an electric or hydraulic powered device, using either a steel or synthetic cable strong enough to pull you out of whatever mess your car or truck may be stuck in. This is an invaluable service especially for those who enjoy off-road activities as well.

Equally important to know when needing towing in Ephrata, Pa. is whether or not a larger than average vehicle can be handled effectively by the company you choose.

If your vehicle is unusually large in size, it may require a much larger than average towing truck to come to your aid. A flat-bed roll-off truck is another invaluable piece of equipment that is large enough to up-load the entire vehicle in a cinch.

Once your vehicle has been safely retrieved, it may be wise to inquire as to what other services they may offer in regards to your automobile, services such as:

Honoring all insurance estimates

Full Service Auto-body repair

Custom painting achieving a perfect color match

Has your car or truck been badly damaged, and in need of extensive repair? If so, it would be more beneficial for you if those who can tow your ride can also repair your ride as well.

Knowing they are equipped to handle whatever extensive repairs your vehicle may need, as well as being fully prepared to honor any and all insurance estimates will put your mind at ease.

How difficult it can be for a perfect color match to be achieved when you have unfortunately wrecked your vehicle! The outside elements alone have an immediate fading effect on the exterior paint of your car, and having a portion of your car repainted can be quite noticeable, as well as disappointing.

Look for towing in Ephrata, Pa that is a full-service one-stop-shop that can handle all your car care needs with precision and care. Whether your vehicle is large or small, call Glick’s Auto Body shop for the only place that can service your vehicle from head to tow!