Peace and Freedom Party

Founded in June 23, 1967

What Was The Resoning For This Party To Be Formed?

The people formed this party because they wanted to vote for something that they believed in. They wanted to support self determination for the people of Crimea and all the people of the world.
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What Five Issues Was This Party Concerned With?

- Equal rights and liberties

- Women rights

- Language rights

- Undocumented workers

- Peace and international justice

Who Founded This Party?

Leonard Peltier, Ralph Nader, Herbert Apetheker, Robert B. Shaw, and Frank L Patterson
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Ralph Nader

Presidential Tickets

1968 - Eldridge Cleaver and Douglass Fitzgerald Dowd

1972 - Benjamin Spock and Julius Hobson

1976 - Margaret Wright and Benjamin Spock

1980 - Maureen Smith and Elizabeth Barron

1984 - Sonia Johnson and Emma Wong Mar

1988 - Herbert G. Lewin and Vikki Murdock

1992 - Ronald Daniels and Asiba Tupahache