California Drought

Atmospheric Science

What is the drought in California?

The drought in California has been declared the worst drought in history. The lack of rainfall is having a severe impact on the terrain, not to mention millions of animals. The drought is the result of high air pressure off the Pacific coast, resulting in a decrease in rainfall. Lakes, rivers, and many other natural water sources are starting to disappear, and California state officials are urging residents to start to take serious measures to conserve water. However, this is not enough. Forrest fires and brown lawns are common throughout california. Animals and sea creatures are at a serious risk. But, you may be able to help.

What can you do to help?

save water

You can save water. Simple, take shorter showers and not wash your car as often. You can also help by rallying for congress to pass crucial bills that will help make recycled water drinkable.
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