Mrs. Stoll's Class Newsletter

What a great week of learning!

The Water Cycle by Ian Reilly

For science we built our own water cycle in a baggie. The way we did this is was very interesting, but the investigation was very fun at the same time. If you would like to make a water cycle in a bag just follow these few steps:

* First get your bag and then draw your little picture of the water cycle on the bag.

* Second put about 1/4 a cup of sand.

* Then put a half a cup of colored blue water.

* After that tape the "water cycle" on a window that gets a lot of sunlight.

Now you have your very own "water cycle". In a couple of days you'll see a difference in your little water cycle. I'm not going to tell you -- you will just have to find out what happens. Make a prediction.....will the rain be blue?

Elapsed Time by: Angelina and Carys

In math we've been learning about elapsed time. Elapsed time is the amount of time between two events. For instance, if we have the times 3:00p.m. and 4:00p.m. the elapsed time is 1 hour because 3:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. is one hour. To find the elapsed time we use the method mountains, hills, and pebbles. In this method you draw a number line and label it with mountains for hours, hills for five minutes, and pebbles for one minute. Below is an example of the mountains, hills, and pebbles strategy.

These are the websites we used to learn more about Elapsed Time:

Elapsed Time - Classroom Lesson

Z-Method Elapsed Time

Big image

Check out these websites by: Ainsley B.

Texas Symbols Alphabetical Booklet by Aidan

This week, in Texas History, we read a book called "T is For Texas" by Anne Bustard. Now we are making a Texas Alphabetical Symbols Booklet with a small group. We have to think of all the symbols and draw a picture. So far, it's been really fun and I hope they turn out to be good.

Genius Hour Written by: Alessandra G. and Riley R.

In ACE, we have a project called Genius Hour. Genius Hour is a project based learning tool that we use every Friday. What it is? It is where we choose a topic of our choice and do lots of research and put it all together to create some sort of presentation.

* My project is Greek architecture. I currently have an interview coming up with a professor at UTSA. Her name is Dr.Maggie Valentine and I'm very excited to learn more about her profession and work. -Alessandra.

* My project is about Alaskan architecture. I recently had a skype interview with the President of the Alaskan Institute of Architecture named Anna M. Lee and I learned a lot that will help me with my presentation. -Riley

Take the Google Survey below -- Genius Hour

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