CH Band - Band O'Rama, Monday 4/3

7pm @ SP East Fieldhouse

Band O'Rama - Monday April 3rd @ SP East Fieldhouse

The annual Band O'Rama is a concert that brings together all the bands in Sun Prairie, grades 6 - 12. The concert concludes with a massed-band performance of "On Wisconsin." This is a fun and fast-paced concert where you can see and hear the progression of band students from beginning to high school.


- 6:30pm, arrive @ SP East Fieldhouse (coats & cases will have designated location in fieldhouse)

- 7:00pm, Concert Begins!

- 8:00pm(ish) - Concert End, please be patient as we have exit plan for all student & audience


  • Plan on getting there early (if possible), as there will be thousands in attendance.
  • There are 3 entrances to SP East, look at google maps to determine your best route. Sometimes entering on Educator Lane on the southside of the building is actually faster since there is less traffic.


- Sun Prairie East Fieldhouse

School-owned Instruments? BRING HOME Instruments:

- For this concert, students are encouraged to bring their home practice instruments instead of hauling their school instruments back and forth. Yep - they're not quite as good, it's okay.

- PERCUSSION - if you have a mallet, bell, or practice snare, please bring that.


- Central Heights Music Shirt!

- Please wear black pants, shoes, and socks (or as best as you can)

Mr. Melrose not available on Monday 4/3 for Problem-Solving:

- I will be busy from 3:35 until 6:30pm setting up the fieldhouse with over 700 chairs, music stands, and percussion.

- Please do your best to make sure you have a working instruments, supplies, music, etc... before leaving for school that Monday.

- It's not that I don't want to be helpful, I just will be very busy with set-up.



- Due to some scheduling conflicts, the May concert has been moved to Thursday May 11th (one week later than previously scheduled)

- All Bands will come together for 7pm Concert @ Central Heights

- Please let Mr. Melrose know if you have major conflicts with this new date ASAP


The Memorial Day performance is canceled for all Sun Prairie Middle School Bands. The Sound of Sun Prairie will still be performing and participating.

Jazz Updates

Friday April 14, Swing Into Spring Jazz Extravaganza @ Prairie View

  • More details to come with performance & warm-up times
  • Featuring all Jazz Ensembles in Sun Prairie!

Spring Rehearsal Updates:

  • No rehearsals the week of April 17th
  • Rehearsals resume THURSDAYS ONLY on April 27th
  • Rehearsals are optional for this last month

Band Calendar & Upcoming Dates

Cardinal Heights Band Calendar 2022 - 2023

Linked above is our calendar for the year. Please communicate in as much advance as possible with any conflicts and reach out if you have any questions.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday April 3, Band'O'Rama @ SP East, 7 - 8pm

  • Thursday May 11 (*new*), Central Heights Spring Band Concert

  • Thursday May 25, 8th Grade attends "Beyond the Notes" Festival @ Kalahari

The Memorial Day performance is canceled for all Sun Prairie Middle School Bands. The Sound of Sun Prairie will still be performing and participating.

Band Lesson & Practice Tips

Every band student will receive a weekly private lesson for about 10 minutes with Mr. Melrose or Mr. Metcalf (part-time music teacher).

Want to know if how students are doing in their lesson?

- get connected to Google Classroom (if not already, send me an email & I'll get you connected)

SOLO Practice Tips - Break up practice into 3 parts:

*Even 10 minutes can make a big difference - especially when done many days/week.

Part 1 - Warm-Up (long tones, scales, slurs, patterns)

Part 2 - Heavy Lifting (be specific about your goals and find different ways to achieve them; slow practice, chunking, gradually adding parts)

Part 3 - Fun! (find fun pieces to play - or as Melrose for tip on how to find them).

Instrument Supplies

We will work with students to see if they need any updated supplies or books for their instrument. Check this list below:


  • 7th & 8th grade have new mallets & sticks to order. Check pg. 2 of the above document
  • NEED HELP? Just ask.

How to order:

  • Click button below "Ward-Brodt - Supplies"
  • Select "Central Heights - Band"
  • Select Instrument


If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Ian Melrose

CHMS Music Educator

(608) 318-8064 (Office)

608-618-2843 (Google Voice)