Volunteer Hour Update

November 16, 2018

SJE Needs You!

I have heard that some were not aware there was a volunteer credit program. In an effort to make sure everyone knows this program exists, and has an opportunity to participate, we are sending you this email. According to Renweb, you do not have any volunteer hours yet this school year.

Tuition for next school year is set to rise by at least $400 per student. By volunteering 5 hours per student during the 18-19 school year (August 12 to May 23rd), you eliminate up to $400 of that tuition increase. I strongly encourage you to volunteer for the second half of the school year. By doing so you have the possibility of not seeing a tuition increase, or at least a very small one if that occurs.

Looking for ways to volunteer? Here are just a few examples, the Spring Carnival is coming and only 33% of the spots for that are filled. You can volunteer to do grounds or building maintenance in coordination with either set of church trustees or a number of other things. There may even be stuff you can do at home to prep for an event or help a teacher. The complete list is on the school website. Check it out and see where you might be able to help.

We want everyone to be able to receive the full volunteer credit this spring for next school year. Please consider helping SJE and reducing your tuition for next year by volunteering now.


Axel Gruen