Come to Texas!

Kaylie Pasquino

Come One, Come All! Come to the wonderful land of Texas!

Have high debts you can't pay? Do you want adventure? Want to escape and start a NEW life? If so, COME TO TEXAS!

Ok, Ok, so how much does it cost?

Not like the U.S. who makes you pay $1.25 per acre...on the spot!...Texas only charges 12.5 cents that can be paid out over several years! It's the best you can get!

Good, but is the land good?

Yes! Texas includes fertile soil for farming, and rivers for water, and to add to that, the Texas climate is the best you can live in! It's not too cold, yet not too hot! It's the perfect mild climate that everybody loves!

How much land do you get?

If you're a farmer, you can get up to one labor! That 177 acres of land! But for those who have raised cattle, you can obtain a sitio! 4,428 acres of land! WOW that's a lot of land for such a cheap price! -Some people can receive both if they can

That's amazing! What's the catch?

If you want to move to Texas, all you have to do is:

  • follow ALL the laws
  • become Catholic
  • and become a Spanish citizen

Ok, Ok, that might sound like a lot, but think about it! Cheap, fertile land, mild climate, it's worth it!