Watson, Jacob

Period: 4


I am a 17 year old, senior at William Penn who is a student athlete. I enjoy playing baseball and listening to music. After high school i plan on to further baseball career, and my education as well. I have a younger brother and a older sister. My older sister is my role model, she has made it to college on a softball scholarship and is furthering her education. I also have a month old son, who i count as a blessing even though I'm only a senior in high school. I don't believe you can judge life on where you are, but only by where you are going and how you get there.
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Jaxon Bradley Watson

This is my son, he is only about a month and a week old. He was very big when he was born, he was a little over 9 pounds and was almost 2 feet long. I never thought i would have loved anyone as much as i love him. Being 17 with a baby is hard but he is my motivation, he is the reason i strive to be greater than others. I want to be able to give him everything i never could have, it may be a struggle to get there but living is no longer for myself it is for him.