By: Maria Miller

Volcanoes are a wonder that most people don’t know the science behind. A volcano is an open mountain that has molten rock underneath the crust of the Earth. According to Weatherwizkids.com, plates shift and cause magma to rise, which causes a volcano to erupt, and may also cause earthquakes. (2015) In addition, lava is a liquid rock that flows out of a volcano. Lava is also known as magma. Most volcanoes are found in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which surrounds the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean. Strangely, the biggest, active volcano is not in the Pacific Ring of Fire, but located in Hawaii. The volcano’s name is Moana Lua and is 13677 feet above sea level. In conclusion, Volcanoes may be vaguely learned about by humans, but at least humans know that they should stay away from them.
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This is a diagram of what the inside of a volcano looks like. It also says the names of the parts of one.



Volcano Poem

The plates underneath the ground start to shift,

The ground begins to rumble,

At that same moment magma explodes from a nearby active volcano,

People were expecting this to happen,

but not that soon.

You remember learning about volcanoes,

And remembering the types,

active, dormant, and extinct,

You are used to seeing them where you live in Hawaii,

but you also know that there are other active ones in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

Magma flows down the mountain as slow as a sloth running a mile,

Some of it stays and cools to make the volcano grow,

The remains of magma crawl towards the town and push people out of it,

The worries of other disasters such as flash floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis,

Scare all of the people.

You think of when you took a cruise on the ocean,

The guide there pointed out into the distance,

You ask him what he’s doing and he tells you this,

There is an underwater volcano, one of about 80 discovered on the planet,

You stare at the water and wonder how an underwater volcano is possible.

Many people evacuate, because of the millions of bad things that could happen,

And the magma reaches the deserted town,

Houses burn, along with cars, and other things,

but the magma keeps on moving,

until it all turns to rock.

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Pompeii is known to be one of the most tragic volcano eruptions on Earth with over 1150 people dead.




Visit the link below to find more information about Pompeii.

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Sometimes a volcano can cause thunderstorms and earthquakes.



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