Computer Graphics!

Learn about Graphics today!

What Are Graphics?

Graphics are pictures/images that are created using websites and programs. The Graphics on your computer screen are made of tiny cubes called Pixels. If you look closely at your screen you will be able to see the black outlines that outline the Pixels, which you can't see from a far. On your right there is a picture of someone designing Graphics.

How do you make Graphics?

Graphics take a lot of time to make, that is, if you're making good quality Graphics. Just like art, painting, shading, coloring, marker shading, it all takes time to get it done and have good quality. It's the same thing only you're making it with websites and programs on the computer. You can make them look better than the one's you do in Art Class! Graphics are put into games, websites, everywhere on the computer basically. They're just pictures/images! Down below are some good quality Graphics for you to see.

What Programs/Websites do you use?

(1) Gimp, Gimp is free, but its a good program/website. (2) Paint Shop Pro, Paint Shop Pro is not free, but it is good. (3) Paint.NET, Paint.NET is free, it is a good and easy program to use, I've used it to create images/pictures myself. (4) Painter, Painter is not free, but it is useful. (5) Photoshop, Photoshop is not free not free, but it would probably be the best Program to use.


Making Graphics can take a lot of time and a long time. But if you keep trying, work hard enough, put some work into it, you will finish with good quality Graphics.