By: Mia Pineiro Period: C

Product:Black Chuck Taylor's high tops

Company: Converse

Manufactured: China

Found in: United States, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Hungary, France, and Germany.

The definition of globalization

Globalization: A process that helps enables markets to make and operate other products in other places, around the world. Globalization has four categories; cultural, technological, economical, and environmental, they all apply to globalization that affects us.

Environmental Globalization

A group of people who discuss the environmental changes and economy changes around the world.

Cultural Globalization

Ideas and information spread and shared between people through the use of technology.

Technological Globalization

The new way of communication and benefits to the people of society. Around the world people can communicate with others in different countries. Also, people have a longer life expectancy and can be treated with life threatening diseases because of technology.

Economical Globalization

The economical growth of international businesses around the world. Provides, shares, and produces manufactured goods.

Problems and solutions with the four categories of globalization

Environmental Globalization

Problem: McDonald's fast food restaurants producing their food and the amount of trash left on the environment.

Solution: Clean up all of the trash and recycle the trash.

Cultural Globalization

Problem: People working in buildings that are dangerous to work in.

Solution: Build or fix the buildings to create a safer environment for people to work in.

Technological Globalization

Problem: Machines breaking down.

Solution: Fix and or buy better machines to make the products.

Economical Globalization

Problem: People working in shops to manufacture products are paid very low wage.

Solution: Give people a better raise, to help them support themselves and their family.

The procedure of Chuck Taylor's

Chuck Taylor's go through the process of gathering its materials, creating the shoes, and shipping them all around the world. Chuck Taylor's contain rubber sole, white rubber heel strip, black leather tongue and outside body and rubber racing stripe, white stitching along the outside body and white lining. White metal eyelets. Those materials are found from China, United States, and India. Once all products are shipped to China, workers create the shoes and ship them to countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Mexico, and Argentina are just some of the countries that have Converse shoes.

My relationship with globalization

Globalization. Buying shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, and shoes is my relationship with globalization. People buying products helps commute to the procedure of globalization around the world.

The pros and cons of globaization in my life

Globalization has some pros and cons.
  • Products such as fast food is cheap, fast, and easy. (Pro)
  • Other products can be unaffordable to the average citizen. (Con)
  • Products get around and companies are being payed. (Pro)
  • Some companies do not pay their workers very well. (Con)


  • Fast food businesses such as McDonald's produces a lot of trash that's harmful to the environment. (Con)
  • Now McDonald's is recycling their trash. (Pro)
  • Pollution. (Con)
  • Organizations and people cleaning up trash to protect the environment. (Pro)

  • Communication with people around the world through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. (Pro)
  • Cyber-bullying. (Con)
  • Sharing of ideas with other businesses. (Pro)

  • McDonald's is found in thirty-one countries, the spread of Americanization. (Pro)
  • Businesses paying workers who work for long hours with very little pay. (Con)
  • Products are being made and shipped. (Pro)

Globalization and its affects on my life

Globalization and its four categories has affected my life, through purchasing products that interest me. With manufacturing, producing, and shipping helps contributes to globalization. The people who make, and ship the product are not recognized for their quality and effort they put into their work. Without those people products wouldn't be made. The people who grow what's in the product, for example cotton is found in shirts, and on cotton farms. Cotton farmers pick the cotton and factories turn it into fabric which is then turned into a shirt. Without cotton farms or cotton farmers who would plant the cotton or pick it? Globalization affects everyone's lives in every product they buy. As my teacher Mr. Murphy has said in the lesson he taught about globalization, in every product he uses he sees the four categories of globalization, where it comes from, and who made it.