Elementary Library Newsletter

December, 2021

Free Online Magazines

Sora, our digital and audio book library, now has online magazines! Directions to log in to Sora are attached. Once you are logged in, click on "explore" at the bottom of the screen and there will be a banner of all our new digital magazines!

We have:


-National Geographic Kids

-Creative Steps


-Little Sparkles

-Minecraft World

-Girls World

-Animal Tales

-Astronomy for Kids




Badgerlink is an online library that is available to anyone who lives in Wisconsin. Through Badgerlink, you have access to licensed information that is not available through other search engines like Google. Badgerlink may be used by students and adults to access magazines, newspaper articles, reading recommendation lists for all ages, encyclopedias, auto repair manuals, and health information. There is something for everyone on Badgerlink! You can learn more by watching this video.There is also a flyer attached that has more information. Explore and enjoy!

What is BadgerLink?


The Kindergarten class at Downsville are in line to check out their awesome books with Mrs. Kellogg!
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These books have been so popular this month!

Wakanda: Guts and Smile by Raina Telgemeier, Pokemon books, Joke books, nonfiction animal books, Boo Books (series)

River Heights: No David books, Pigeon (Mo Willems) books, Wings of Fire and Babysitter's club graphic novels

Knapp: Minecraft books, Disney books, Nonfiction animal books

Oaklawn: Wings of Fire and Dragonmasters Series, holiday picture books, Lego books, playaways

Downsville: Playaways, Joke books, Pigeon (by Mo Willems) books


If your family gives gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or other special occasions, the library can help! Whether your child is a reluctant reader or a voracious one, consider giving them a gift card to a bookstore or let them buy a magazine subscription. This way, your child gets to decide what they want to read!

Many families opt to pass down old cell phones to their child. This could be a great way to save money and give your child some extra freedom while still monitoring their usage. If you are thinking about giving a child your old phone, please consider the following:

-Clear everything off the phone

-Download some kid friendly apps

-Consider tracking the phone using a phone monitoring app

-Discuss expectations ahead of time

-Limit screen time

For more information, please visit: