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Look ahead, do you see the Golden Hill?

Do you? I ask because I do and I want so much for you to experience the Golden Hill as well. I also figured that it was about time that I explained this tagline. Not everyone knows what is going on in my head and heart! ;)

I think the first time I saw this hill was when I was about six-years-old. I would take long walks in the woods with my Grandfather’s Doberman mix, Hazel. She was my first ‘big dog’ friend. Actually, I’m not sure that she was my friend. She was a loyal and loving dog to my Grandfather, but didn’t really enjoy anyone else. She was told to walk with me and she complied forging ahead being watchful, tough. We spent many lazy Sunday afternoons romping about, walking up the hill behind my grandfather’s house. Up and away from any discomfort and sadness, Hazel and I would eventually reach the woods beyond the hill and get lost together.

She would trot and my short legs would run through a jagger bush-lined path up to a farmer’s hilly field just past the woods. We steadily gained altitude until we reached this field. Sometimes it was fallow, full of weeds and wildflowers. In the summer it was often filled with growing field corn. I always felt like I had accomplished a feat making it to this field as I continued to run up the slopes and down the dips trouncing around whatever was growing. I'd plod through the snow in the winter while following Hazel’s lead as she wrapped around the woods occasionally sprinting up to me at different parts of the vast field.

Just like today, I was a constant admirer of the sun, trees, different leaves, and various country scents some sweet others stinky. That field corn was for dairy cows after all! I look back at that period of my life and the carefree joy of exploring nature with proud nostalgia feeling so thankful for: Pappy Bopp, his hill and woods, healthy legs, Hazel, and the farmer’s hilly field.

Now I know that those afternoons were full of magic and peace, love and joy. When I send energy/qi to animals or people, I usually am able to take us to this hill. I never planned this: it just appeared. I see it in my heart and in my mind’s eye glittering with an ethereal golden hue. I see my clients as their higher-selves enjoying the hill. Sometimes they are running, often they are resting among wildflowers, a lavender field or tall, flowing grasses. I see their transcended spirits without any cares or worries. I see how beautiful we really are. I experience how beautiful life can be. We meet at the hill. We are safe and at peace —a perfect place to heal.

The second time I read The Path of Life V II by our Qi Gong Master, Ou Wen Wei, I was both intrigued and inspired by its description of the “Golden Hill.” I felt like I had been there before and then after much contemplation I knew that my spirit had been there many times most recently during my childhood. To me, the hill is a space for healing and peace… a place to merge with my authentic self.

Our community decided to share The Golden Hill by creating a 501c3 non-profit called the Golden Hill Charity. At the end of 2016, I devised a guided meditation called -- you guessed it -- the Golden Hill Meditation. It has the imagery of the hill from my childhood and it is a way for new or seasoned participants to experience a meditative, qi energy adjustment.

Golden Hill’s mission strives to create a safe space for all. Our goal is to provide Pangu qi gong, yoga, tai chi, and meditation instruction and services to children and their families who do not have access to these wonderful healing modalities. We look forward to building relationships with other non-profits in order to reach those in need.

JOIN US for our kick-off fundraiser! If you know any qi gong, meditation, yoga or tai chi, gather donations and sponsors and participate in our Qi-Gong-A-Thon on Saturday, October, 28th where we will practice for up to three hours from 9 am to 12 noon at Pullen Baptist Church’s Chapel. Afterwards, come celebrate and learn more about us, our community and Golden Hill’s mission at our Heart and Soul After-Party at Trophy Brewing on Maywood from 1-3 pm. Here are more details - https://goldenhillcharity.org and the link to donate - https://goldenhillcharity.org/donate/ I can’t wait to see you at the event and the Golden Hill…..

Peace and Love,

Cristen President and Founder of Golden Hill Charity

Email me for the details on donating and gathering sponsors -

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