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making friends

Ivan Garcia

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 8:30pm

México, Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, N.L.

when I came to this country I didn't know anybody. I would be sad all the days because I missed my home town. Then I started going to school then I started to met new friends and different people from other countries and they told me they had the same problems and that they where scared of talking to people because they didn't know how to speak English. They told me they had special classes to learn English.

moveing to Fargo

When I moved to Fargo I didn't know anybody and I was scared to talk to people in my community. After a week or two I decided to go on line and I found new Neighbor Night, so I can met new people and not be sad all the days and have a good life with friends.

Nerd Making Friends (1st Day of College)
EVERYBODY-Ingrid Michaelson

New Neighbor Night

Friday, April 22nd 2016 at 5pm

801 9th Street East

West Fargo, ND

On April 22nd after school start's at 9:00pm this Is a good place to make new fiends and also relationships and meat new people from your community and they might be from the same country.
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Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 4:30pm

801 9th Street East

West Fargo, ND

Basketball is a good way to me new friends and meet new people. Both girls and boys basketball stars this winter. You well learn how to have a good time and meet new friends.

Summer School

Wednesday, June 1st 2016 at 8pm

801 9th Street East

West Fargo, ND

Summer school if good in all ways to meat new people and study and get your grades. I know for expirers because when I firs came to Fargo I went to summer school so I can learn English and have friends. At firs is was hard to talk to people but after a two weeks I started to talk to different people after a few weeks I had a lot of friends.