Martin Luther

The Saint or The SInner?


To the right, it shows Martin Luther pinning his 95 Thesis to the doors of a Church. By expressing his ideas to the Church, and the public, he gave the common people a voice against the Church. People who had hated the Church's rule in silence, because of the fear of the Church, now had a voice that described of all their woos against the Church.
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The Different Religions

Above is a photo of all the different types of Christian religions. Before Martin Luther most of these religions did not exist. Now, this could be a good thing and a bad thing. Since we are on the Saint side, I will describe the good. Now that people had a copy of the Bible in there own hands, they could decide what they truly felt was right on their own. They could create a religion that truly related to them. This also gave people more options on what they truly wanted to believe in.