Callie Fuller

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A little Bit About Myself

Hi, my name is Callie Fuller. I'm currently 15 years old, and will be attending Heritage High school after summer break. I have 3 siblings. My older brother Austin who attends Denver University, and two younger identical twin sisters that attend Goddard Middle School. I love art, music, animals, cooking/baking and volunteer work but my main passion is animals. I currently work for the Denver Dumb Friends League and shadow at a Veterinarian clinic. I hope to become a Veterinarian when I get older. I can play the drums and Clarinet. And I love to draw just about anything. I've worked with an successful restaurant owner and learned how to cook under her guidance. I like to cook or bake any chance I get. I also I work with a charity group called the Youth Initiative Board (YIB). Me and a bunch of other kids my age along with our adult leader; get in contact with non profit organizations and volunteer our time helping them. This is a little about myself, I hope to work with you.


Pricing for me depends on the number of kids, their age and how many hours I will be babysitting for. With that said When you contact me we can talk about the appropriate payment. To give you an idea though if you had 1 kid that's maybe 4 years old I would say it would be five dollars an hour.