Project Proposal

Week 2 Assignment- Edtech 505

Program for Evaluation

Professional Development on creating WebQuests for Independent studies students


The purpose of the professional development is to help teachers create more authentic projects for Independent studies using the WebQuest methodology.


The goal of the course is to prepare learners to design WebQuests that are suitable for Independent studies students' capabilities, fit the YCSC project based model, and adds to a repository of resources for teachers across the YouthBuild network.

Course Activities

  • Review components of a WebQuest
  • View sample WebQuests
  • View suggestions on how to modify WebQuests for Independent Studies students
  • Create authentic WebQuest topics
  • Organize WebQuest using a template
  • Share WebQuest with colleagues.

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this Professional Development learners will be able to:

  • Identify the components of a WebQuest
  • Apply principles of WebQuests to create a WebQuest from past or current classroom based projects.
  • Manipulate existing WebQuests to reflect the skill level and resources available to Independent Studies students
  • Share completed WebQuest with teachers at other Youthbuild locations

Why Evaluate?

To see the effectiveness of just in time self-paced professional development for creating WebQuests for Independent Studies students.

Evaluation Definition

The definition of evaluation that fits this project according to the ABCs of Evaluation text by John Boulmetis is "Evaluation is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing data in order to determine whether and to what degree objectives have been or are be achieved". The professional development has clear objectives and goals that can be analyzed for effectiveness. My goal is to see how many teachers create WebQuests within a limited time frame after the professional development course is distributed.