Create and share a quick animated Gami Video

Why Gami?

Share your learning in a creative way.

Learn in a new way

Lead a new wave in digital learning. Tellagami is a fun way for students to learn by creating. Teachers and students can use Tellagami to create book reports, solve math problems and recite lessons. The possibilities are endless!


The Challenge

What to do...

  1. Student iPads have Tellagami on them or you can add the app to your SmartPhone.
  2. Find some way to have your students create a Gami. Some ideas may be to:
  • Make a Gami to introduce your classroom to your students.
  • Make a Gami to wrap up the school year.
  • Make a Gami to tell or summarize a story or event.
  • Make a Gami as a book talk. You can tie it to an Aurasma if you're feeling wild.
  • Have students create Gamis to introduce some of your lessons.
  • There are hundreds of ideas and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Share a Gami #HeritageExplorers #HEtechChallenge