The Greendell Gosling Flyer, 9th Ed

October 7, 2020

Dear Greendell Families,

Welcome new and returning families to Greendell School! It has been a whirlwind of activity since PAUSD families chose either distance learning or in-person instruction for their young learners:

We have been preparing additional classrooms for the return of more families to Greendell, including Young Fives. We are so excited to have Teacher Barbara Carlson returning to teach our Young Fives in-person cohorts! Teacher Barbara taught Transitional Kindergarten (TK) for many years at Greendell and worked collaboratively with Young Fives teachers to focus on social emotional development and getting children ready for kindergarten. Teacher Barbara's classroom will be supported by Instructional Assistant, Aida, who is also returning to Greendell and our amazing support staff team.

We have been balancing the Young Fives Distance Learning classes and are so pleased to include Palo Verde TK families in our Young Fives program! Please join me in welcoming our newest families joining Greendell School - we are so glad you are here! I look forward to meeting you in your classroom Zoom meetings very soon.

Our students who returned to school in person last week have been thoroughly enjoying being together with teachers and friends. They quickly learned the check in routine and know exactly what to do when they arrive at school (Check out their adorable tutorial with the Greendell Goslings below).They are having a wonderful time playing and learning at school and I finally get to hear the happiest sound: children playing outside the office!

Thanks so much,

Principal Shannon

First Day Hooray! Arriving at School on Monday, October 12th

  • The new routine may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once children (and their grownups) know what to expect, it becomes much easier. Talk with your children about what to expect and how much fun school will be.They will be ready to run in to school before you know it!
  • Before leaving home, complete the Greendell Health Check In Form for your child. The form must be completed before your child enters the school gates. I have included the QR Code and link to the form below.
  • Masks are required so please arrive with masks on: children and adults. We will have masks available for children to choose from, but most prefer to wear a mask from home that is familiar.
  • Please hold your child's hand in the parking lot and when approaching the gate.This will keep them safe and make social distancing guidelines easier for children to follow.
  • Families arriving at school will walk up past the Greendell sign and flagpole, towards school office.
  • Have your child stand on a set of footprints while waiting in line.
  • When the family in front of you is done, please have your child use hand sanitizer and get a mask, if needed, at the small table by the entry gate.
  • Classroom staff will greet your child and take them through the gate to their classroom. Staff will be wearing PPE so talking about it before hand may be helpful.
  • Please say goodbye to your child at the gate since we are not permitted to have additional adults on campus due to COIVD-19 restrictions.
  • We are excited to see you on Monday! First Day Hooray!

Our Awesome Students Arriving at Greendell School

Check-In Screening Form